Rail Infrastructure Maintenance Management System (RIMMS) – Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

  • Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)
Project Value

$4.8 Million




Design And Urban Planning

We are delivering the first Rail Infrastructure Maintenance Management System (RIMMS) project in the Middle East to the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). The RIMMS project involves delivering a business process and engineering solution using an innovative and customized mobile asset management system. The project objective is to streamline the RTA’s inspection and maintenance activities, and its capital plan development processes, for its structural and running assets. These assets include the Dubai Metro and Dubai Tram. Parsons’ role is to provide consultancy services for the development of the RIMMS, and to ensure its safe and efficient operation and implementation.

Meeting Future Needs In A Sophisticated Manner

The project is being implemented in five sequential stages:

  • Stage 1: Development of a comprehensive database
  • Stage 2: Inspection and testing
  • Stage 3: Development of critical modules
  • Stage 4: Deployment of software
  • Stage 5: Provision of maintenance services, and integration with RTA asset management systems.

The goal for the project is to meet current and future maintenance needs for the Dubai Metro and Tram systems, and the broader RTA infrastructure.

“Ultimately, we are working to help the client achieve its vision to be: “The world leader in seamless and sustainable mobility.”

Throughout every stage, we are developing RIMMS to meet RTA’s specific technical, operational and business needs.

What Is RIMMS?

RIMMS creates opportunities to improve the existing maintenance methods, analyze maintenance cost during the asset’s lifespan, and adopt more systematic inspection procedures. It also helps establish a basis for performing comprehensive analysis of the rail infrastructure management asset. Our development of RIMMS continues to meet RTA’s specific technical, operational, and business needs and provides the RTA with the broadest and strongest licensing capabilities, ensuring that this focused investment can be leveraged to meet current and future maintenance needs, not only for the Dubai Metro and Tram System, but also for the broader RTA infrastructure.

Demonstrating Value

We are helping the client move away from a reactive approach to maintenance to a proactive, integrated approach informed by data. This brings benefits to the client, its Operations and Maintenance (O&M) teams, and the end-customer.

We are an established innovation leader, with innovation being one of our six core values. We demonstrated this value on this project for RTA through the introduction of our Parsons Information Management Solution (PAR-IMS), a software platform that analyzes wear-and-tear of critical infrastructure systems and recommends restorative actions. Rather than reacting to problems, PAR-IMS allows us to take a more sophisticated approach to asset management. It enables us to take a proactive, preventative approach to maintenance, and help RTA better plan its future capital investments. The solution has received a prestigious CIO 100 award recognizing achievement in technology innovation.

Streamlining Inspection And Maintenance

We provided consultancy services for the development of RIMMS and ensured safe and efficient operations and implementation to maximize the service life of the rail infrastructure assets (viaducts, tunnels, stations, depots, pedestrian bridges, tracks, and car parks).

Services Provided

  • Master planning
  • Urban design
  • Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) study
  • Environmental assessment
  • Infrastructure services
  • Construction supervision
Rail And Transit Solutions

We keep the world moving; whether it’s the movement of goods or people, rail and transit systems connect communities and support the rapid development of our world. This is especially true in Dubai which continues to undergo rapid growth and transformation. And now, as countries take action to combat climate change, we are helping governments in the Gulf region and elsewhere implement rail and transit systems that contribute to carbon reduction policies. Learn more about our innovative rail solutions here.

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