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Signals Without Intelligence Is Just Noise

We design and develop products manufactured to exceed mission requirements for our SIGINT, COMINT, and EW customers. Our product design philosophy focuses on excellent mission performance, low SWaP, ease of use, and dependability.


The Wide Band Transcorder® (WBT®) is a family of fully self-contained RF recording and playback systems.

WBT® captures what real-time tools miss. It is a fully integrated Software Defined Radio Platform (SDRP) that is capable of, with one touch, capturing or replaying any signal within the RF spectrum. It is the smallest, lightest, and most efficient recorder and transmitter on the market. Its advanced capabilities allow for real-time or after-action analysis and manipulation of any signal captured in the mobile space or cyberspace. Capturing and preserving a faithful replica of the RF battle-space that can be played back into any system with an RF input, the WBT® is always the right box to bring into the field. A single unit can record up to 100 MHz of RF spectrum between 100 kHz and 18 GHz.

Key Capabilities:

  • Single-channel record/playback from 100 kHz to 6GHz
  • C++ app’s programmable
  • Customizable tuners and bandwidths
  • Easily Concealable
  • Man Packable
  • Rugged


The Surveyor is an autonomous collection system. The Surveyor auto-populates regionally specific survey settings based on the system’s GPS location.

The Surveyor is designed to replace all phone based measurement tools for any environment. With no knowledge of the RF environment, any user can determine what protocols are present, what frequencies are in use, what towers are present and all of the underlying control channel information for each channel.

The Surveyor is capable of simultaneously measuring LTE, WiMAX, WCDMA, GSM, CDMA, EVDO & WiFi networks.

Key Capabilities:

  • Complete decoding/encoding of control channel messages
  • Software upgradeable – protocols can be added via software
  • Mapping
  • Internal GPS
  • Data logging on removable CFast Card
  • Emergency sanitization by removing Data & OS Cards

Band Viewer

Band Viewer is an interactive program that allows the user to view all of the pertinent information about the channelization of a protocol. With Band Viewer, users can select the protocol of choice and display the valid frequencies to be used, the conditional frequencies, the channel #s, the reverse channels, etc. 



PBL (Passive Base Station Location) is an industry-changing application that can be added to any ICS system. PBL allows a user to drive an area of interest and measure the cellular signals present to determine the physical location of the emitters for the respective signals. PBL uses proprietary location algorithms to establish the location of towers within 10s of meters. Typically, 90% of the towers are detected within 200m or better. Denser drive patterns typically provide improved accuracy. All prediction measurements are made while simultaneously collecting survey data.

Key Capabilities:

  • Simultaneous Calculations for GSM, CDMA, EVDO, WCDMA & LTE Sectors
  • 100% Passive Measurement
  • Predictions are Compatible with Most Mapping Software
  • Low Density Driving Required
  • Sector Azimuth Estimation


The DCode Pro PBL for ground-based surveys feature has been extended to allow ICS systems to perform the same tower location functions using airborne surveys. This system requires the ICS-5xx family of systems, DCode Pro, and two additional supporting applications. One of these applications, the Collection app, takes a list of frequencies to be scanned as input and will collect raw position estimation data. The second application, the Analysis app, processes that raw data and produces a .pbl file with the same format as the ground-based .pbl files generated by DCode Pro.

As of the first release of this feature, testing and characterization has been limited to survey altitudes of less than 10,000 feet and ground speeds under 150 knots. Survey patterns have been limited to a grid style pattern with the “legs” separated by approximately 1 mile.

Key Capabilities:

  • Simultaneous Calculations for WCDMA, GSM & LTE Sectors
  • 100% Passive Measurement
  • Predictions are Compatible with Most Mapping Software
  • High altitude collection of data up to 10,000 feet
  • Flights at 8,500 feet have produced results in which 90% of the towers were located to within 200 meters of their actual locations


Qp2 is an extremely versatile hand-held cellular protocol measurement tool. Qp2 can operate on a variety of commercial handsets. Qp2 allows a user to perform the most thorough hand-held measurements in the industry.

Key Capabilities:

  • Handheld CDMA, EVDO, GSM, WCDMA, LTE, Bluetooth, WiFi, and Layer 3 Measurements
  • Data Stored to micro-SD Card
  • User-configurable screens
  • Internal or external GPS compatible
  • Audio & visual notifications of events


PlayMaker® is a suite of Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (EMSO) capabilities aggregated into a single framework. Demodulation profiles can be purchased separately allowing the user to customize capabilities to meet specific needs. PlayMaker® is optimized to operate on QRC hardware, but can be adapted to operate on other selected hardware.

Key Capabilities:

  • Rapidly scans, detects energy, and identifies signals
  • Identify, demodulate and decode numerous analog and digital modulations and protocols
  • Provides user-configurable rulesets to quickly identify signals of interest (SOI) and then alert, stream, record or demodulate the signal
  • Records and plays back RF data for post-processing and signals analysis
  • Can be configured pre-mission for unattended operations
  • Can be remotely operated via an IP network
  • Real-time and Retrospective Direction Finding™ with QRC EARLOBE DF antenna
  • QRC Open Signal Processing Architecture and SDK

Multi-Band Antenna

This unique antenna, designed by QRC, provides 350 MHz to 6 GHz Continuous RF coverage. It’s highly rugged, high performing and easy to mount.

Key Capabilities:

  • 350 MHz to 6 GHz Continuous RF Range
  • Receive-only Antenna
  • Separate Integrated GPS Antenna
  • Magnetic Mount
  • Gain: 8 dB Peak/6 dB Typical
  • Impedance: 50Ω

This item is subject to the ITAR. Accordingly, an export authorization may be required for certain clients, uses, and/or destinations. The time required to obtain authorization may impact delivery.

*Parsons complies with all applicable Trade Compliance regulations. Some of Parsons products may require an authorization from the U.S. Government before they are exported.

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