2024 Engineering And Technical Excellence Award Winners

In celebration of Engineers Week, we’re excited to acknowledge the recipients of our Engineering and Technical Excellence Awards, applauding their remarkable work, dedication, and innovation. The awards program recognizes both engineering and technical excellence, spotlighting exceptional talent that contributes to business and project success. In addition, the Rising Star Award recognizes emerging talent among Parsons’ junior ranks. These exceptional professionals are at the forefront of Parsons’ mission to imagine next.

Engineering Excellence Winners

Adam S., PE

Adam’s expertise in engineering has contributed to significant AI and machine learning infrastructure projects, earning his team consistent positive reviews from clients. Adam’s leadership extends to modernizing geospatial intelligence dissemination, navigating through dynamic requirements, establishing clients’ data vision across the enterprise, and guiding his team through software delivery pipeline changes.

Ben M., PE

Ben is an accomplished bridge engineer, uniquely combining technical and managerial expertise. He is a regional bridge practice lead, focusing on complex concrete structures, with professional experience including analysis, design, construction support, and evaluation of segmental and other post-tensioned structures. He contributes to the Parsons Bridge Technical Organization, ASBI, PCI, NCBC, NCHRP, and ASCE through research, peer review, specification writing, and committee involvement. His project experience includes leadership roles on the CA High-Speed Rail CP1, HART AGS, Edmonton VLW, and numerous pursuits. His passion has cemented relationships with experts in consulting, construction, academia, industry organizations, and suppliers, establishing him as an emerging leader in the segmental bridge community and a valued resource within Parsons.

Bill S.

Bill is a seasoned professional with over three decades of experience in the field of engineering. His theoretical and technical knowledge, coupled with his ability to adapt quickly to new technologies and markets, sets him apart from his peers. Bill’s track record of consistently delivering high-quality work is evident in his increasing responsibilities and successful project outcomes. His innovative approach to problem-solving, combined with his work ethic and critical analysis skills, have led to significant contributions such as pioneering staging approaches on the Millenium Line and implementing public safety and train radio systems on current projects. Bill also plays a key role in navigating regulatory requirements and mentoring junior engineers on his team.

Cara W.

Cara is a highly skilled structural engineer and project manager with extensive experience in bridge planning, design, inspection, evaluation, rehabilitation, and construction. Cara’s commitment to quality work is evident in every aspect of her job—from design calculations to proposal writing or bridge inspections—as she consistently meets deadlines while adhering to Parsons’ core values. She has a proven track record in leading successful bridge inspection, rehabilitation, and replacement proposals. Notably, Cara played a pivotal role in securing the $2.6 million Souris Transfer Bridge project for the Parsons Halifax office. She also led successful proposals for several other significant projects, including the Burlington Lift Bridge and LaSalle Causeway RFSO proposal and Wasauksing Swing Bridge RFSO proposal.

John C., PE

John, a radio frequency electrical engineer, has a rich technical background, working with companies like AT&T, Sprint, Nextel, and Ericsson. His expertise lies in the design, construction, and operation of outdoor and in-building radio systems. For over seven years, he has been instrumental in the NYC Bus Radio Project at Parsons—a major design-build alternative delivery project involving terrestrial trunked radio (TETRA) technology. As a radio frequency and microwave expert for the project, John led efforts to develop antenna system designs for 35 base station/tower locations across New York City. He also worked with subcontractor V-Comm to secure necessary frequencies for the project. In addition to his technical expertise, John has been heavily involved in ensuring constructability, auditing, commissioning, and testing of systems, as well as finding creative solutions for complex problems, such as developing more efficient antennas and proposing solutions for external interference issues.

Muhammad H.

Muhammad is a highly skilled geotechnical engineer, known for his technical excellence and innovative mindset. His expertise has been instrumental in numerous projects, including the Messaimeer Underpass Project, where he developed a unique tunnel design solution. He uses state-of-the-art numerical models to develop the design, perform impact assessments, and investigate root cause analysis. His proactive risk mitigation strategies and ability to work seamlessly with interdisciplinary teams have ensured the success of many challenging projects. He has authored/co-authored eight technical papers published in proceedings of international conferences on various topics related to geotechnical engineering. Muhammad is committed to ongoing professional development and continuously refines his skills and knowledge to anticipate potential problems, implement preventive measures, and effectively manage geotechnical risks throughout the project life cycle.

Nader Mohamed H.

Nader is a seasoned senior resident engineer with over 40 years of experience in major infrastructure projects, including viaducts, bridges, interchanges, roads, tunnels, hydraulic facilities, and large buildings, such as hotels, banks, and sports complexes and stadiums. During his tenure at Parsons International Limited, he supervised the construction of 12 post-tensioned segmental bridges and the largest four-level interchange in Doha as part of the Sabah Al-Ahmad Corridor. He also led a team of structural engineers in the renovation and construction of Khalifa Stadium and Museum for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. Nader consistently delivers projects on time while maintaining high standards of quality and safety—a testament to his commitment to excellence in every aspect of his work. He is also a published author and has written numerous technical papers on construction techniques that have been presented at various international engineering conferences.

Robert Delos S., PE

Robert, a renowned expert in geometric design and 3D modeling, has dedicated 25 years of his career to transportation engineering and design. Known for his innovative, cost-saving designs, Robert has been instrumental in numerous high-profile projects, including the Northwest Corridor Express Lanes Project—the largest ever constructed in Georgia state history—where he led 3D modeling efforts and developed alternative technical concepts (ATCs) that saved the client approximately $110 million. Recently, he led roadway design efforts for the SR 316 Bundle 1 design-build pursuit and for the SR 400 Express Lanes pursuit, a $2 billion P3 proposal. As Parsons’ technical lead on all Georgia projects, Robert ensures quality control by performing thorough reviews of plans, reports, and other deliverables. He also serves on several subcommittees through ACEC’s Georgia Partnership for Transportation Quality (GPTQ), providing valuable guidance to GDOT on their procedures and workspace.

Technical Excellence Winners


Brian has consistently exceeded expectations in both internal and client-facing roles. He has made significant technical improvements to the Air Force Armaments Cooperation Tool used by the USAF’s International Affairs organization. As lead cyber subject matter expert and technical volume lead for the Naval Research Laboratory’s Information Technology Division Indefinite-Delivery/Indefinite-Quantity proposal, he led a team of 34 subcontractors across seven technical areas, resulting in a $245 million contract win. As the lead cyber assessor, he led the cyber assessment and improvement recommendation for the United Arab Emirates’ Space Agency. As a founding member of the digital engineering team, he helped develop, market, and implement Parsons’ digital engineering framework across multiple projects and sectors.

Burcak E.

Burcak is a landscape architect celebrated for her expertise in designing outdoor spaces and contributing significantly to prestigious projects for key clients. With extensive experience in landscape design, she navigates every phase of a project, from pre-concept design to tender documentation, ensuring seamless integration. Recognized for her meticulous attention to detail and effective leadership, Burcak demonstrates proficiency in design management, guiding the team and collaborating proactively with stakeholders and all other disciplines on the project to enhance design longevity, aligning subconsultants with a project’s vision, and fostering clear communication across various platforms.

Gerry D.

Gerry is a highly respected figure in the field of information technology and cybersecurity, currently serves as the SUSTAIN engineer manager at Parsons. His role involves leading a team of technical experts to provide security engineering support to the Security Operations Center (SOC), where he plays a crucial part in identifying and stopping both internal and external threats. Gerry’s expertise spans across various areas within IT and cybersecurity, making him an invaluable asset in network defense and architecture. He also serves as second-in-command at SOC, assuming full operational responsibility during emergencies. His leadership skills were notably demonstrated when he successfully addressed system instability issues by migrating from on-premises to cloud-based solutions. In addition to his operational roles, Gerry has been instrumental in driving enterprise-wide security initiatives, advocating for secure network solutions, spearheading evaluations for new technologies, re-architecting security logs management across the enterprise, and mentoring team members.

Janelle B.

Janelle is an accomplished senior human health and ecological risk assessor, recognized for her extensive work on federal environmental projects. Her notable achievements include conducting risk assessments for sites contaminated with various hazardous substances at the Ravenna Army Ammunition Plant; Galena Forward Operating Location; Army National Guard non-DoD-owned, non-operational defense sites (NDNODS); and Fort Monmouth, NJ. Her innovative statistical approaches have minimized cleanup costs and accelerated site closures. Janelle has also demonstrated leadership as a deputy project manager on multiple projects and as a functional manager for environmental scientists in the Federal Environmental Group. She has been instrumental in coaching early career professionals and interns, contributing to their professional development. In addition to her technical expertise, Janelle’s innovative skills in data analysis have resulted in significant savings for clients.

Marshall W.

Marshall, a seasoned professional with over 40 years of experience in the contracting and construction management sector, is an invaluable asset to Parsons at Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU). Known for his incomparable work ethic, relatable knowledge, and forward-thinking approach, Marshall has been instrumental in averting potential problems and keeping projects on track. His expertise extends to understanding codes, specifications (FAA, DOT), testing methods (ASTM, ACI), and other technical standards required to complete projects. His technical prowess was recognized when he was selected as a Gold Award winner by the American Concrete Pavement Association for his role in the RDU Airport Runway 5L/23R and Taxiway B Preservation projects. Marshall brings unmatched dedication to his career, constantly seeking new knowledge to deliver projects ahead of schedule and under budget while providing outside-the-box solutions that save significant client resources.

Mohammed A.

Mohammed’s exceptional performance as a project director has led to significant results in his last two programs, including extensions into the highly remote area of NEOM, particularly in terms of well-established relationships with major clients. Mohammed’s unique approach to leadership and problem-solving has improved team performance and led to smooth operations in the NEOM region. He joined the PIF client as a program director in early 2023 to assist KSA and its Vision 2030 initiative, and he continues to generate innovative ideas and new opportunities for Parsons.

Nick T.

In his 17 years with Parsons, Nick has demonstrated technical excellence and significantly advanced the state-of-the-art modeling and simulation used to conduct kill chain analysis. As chief engineer, he supports a complex, multi-domain, distributed simulation environment by defining the program’s strategic vision, and he leads its technical implementation. Nick’s deep knowledge allows him to manage every aspect of this environment, including simulation architecture, tools, weapon models, and physical environment models. His leadership has been instrumental in defining new capabilities needed to model sensors and weapons as well as command, control, communication, and computers (C4). His innovative thinking has led to groundbreaking ideas that have opened new contract opportunities and expanded tasks on existing contracts.

Rob S.

As a strategic leader in water treatment operations, Rob led his team at FMRP Care and Maintenance to achieve record highs in availability and utilization across three operating water treatment plants in 2023. Notably, they shattered the previous uptime record, with a 58 percent improvement at the Cross Valley Pond Water Treatment Plant within a single treatment season. Rob’s expertise enabled his team to identify systemic issues through data analysis and make informed decisions about maintenance activities. His commitment to quality service for their client, Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC), has been exemplary. His rollout of a sitewide SCADA networking system has led to the production of approximately 900,000 more cubic meters of clean water than previous years for PSPC. This achievement not only advanced Parsons’ reputation for innovative problem solving, but also demonstrated the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship in the Yukon Territory.

Surjeet R., CCIE

Surjeet, an accomplished IT professional, excels in designing and implementing complex networking solutions for leading vendors. His technical expertise shines through in his role as a subject matter expert on the NYC Bus Radio Project, where he showcases his leadership and profound understanding of network backhaul systems. Surjeet’s quick thinking and problem-solving skills played a crucial role in the successful safeguarding of BRS systems during the SolarWinds hacking incident in December 2021. His innovative mindset was evident when he designed an alternative backhaul solution using 4G/5G-based modems, resulting in significant time and resource savings. Additionally, Surjeet identified and rectified issues with outdated service provider backhaul technology used by NYCT at multiple locations. He proposed customized solutions that met contractual requirements without disrupting operations, further solidifying his reputation as a strategic thinker and effective problem-solver in the IT industry.

Rising Star Winners

Antonela S.

Antonela, a senior urban planner, is known for her dedication to technical excellence demonstrated through her significant contributions and commitment to delivering high-quality urban planning solutions. Her meticulous attention to detail, proficiency in spatial mapping tools such as Geographic Information System, and expertise in Dubai planning regulations have made her an invaluable asset in projects like the Dubai Greenery and Dubai Island projects. Antonela’s innovative approach pushes the boundaries of conventional urban planning, introducing elements that enhance project sustainability, functionality, and overall impact.

Billy B.

Billy started at Parsons in 2016 as a field geophysicist in the Federal Environmental Group’s Military Munitions Response Program (MMRP) and quickly advanced to more technical roles due to his commitment, technical excellence, and professionalism. In 2022, Billy became one of the few certified DAGCAP project geophysicists at Parsons, a testament to his meteoric rise and dedication to this highly technical field. He is involved in all aspects of MMRP projects and specializes in advanced geophysical classification data processing and analysis. His innovative approach led to several successful proposals in 2023, including projects in San Juan and Culebra, PR, and Key West, FL. Billy’s commitment to quality was evident when he exceeded client expectations during the Hurricane Mesa environmental investigation project presentation. His expertise allows him to identify improvements for efficiency and safety, such as designing an ergonomic harness for field technicians carrying heavy geophysical sensors. Billy also shares Parsons’ innovations at national conferences and technical webinars, where his presentations are well received by industry professionals.

Daniel M.

Daniel has consistently demonstrated excellence in customer delivery since joining Parsons, in 2019. On his first contract, he developed a proof of concept for visualizing mission-driven metrics which was approved for further development and is still in use by over 2,000 regular users today. He then took on the role of capability architect, leading a team of more than 12 professionals to create a new pilot capability within six months. This work was greatly praised at the highest levels of customer leadership. His foresight and expertise have been invaluable in forecasting challenges and designing scalable data solutions that exceed expectations.

Jake B.

Since joining Parsons almost three years ago, Jake has been instrumental across several major transportation planning and traffic engineering projects throughout Canada, including environmental assessments studies, transportation planning initiatives, traffic operational studies, and functional/detailed design assignments. He has consistently shown exceptional independence and professionalism in his work while also taking on leadership roles in technical proposals for new projects. He recently led a winning proposal for a notable planning assignment in Halifax, NS, worth approximately $750 thousand. Jake’s strong technical abilities are complemented by his effective communication skills with various stakeholder groups to deliver impactful solutions. He completed Parsons’ Project Management Certification within six months of joining the firm, currently holds a professional engineer designation, and is actively pursuing certification as a road safety professional.

Jordan D.

Jordan has demonstrated exceptional proficiency and dedication in his role supporting two highly complex projects in geographically dispersed environments. His responsibilities included designing and programming controls for both projects, which he executed flawlessly, earning approval on the first pass. Jordan’s technical expertise was relied upon by seasoned installation professionals working on systems they were unfamiliar with. He displayed remarkable commitment by adjusting his personal schedule to provide technical support across different time zones from Italy to Japan. Jordan also took the initiative to learn about the components of these technically complex systems that were new to his team, investing significant personal time into understanding their design, programming, and testing processes. His willingness to communicate and resolve issues was instrumental in completing the projects despite facing numerous challenges.

Josh P.

Josh has consistently demonstrated exceptional work and exceeded expectations. In addition to supporting multiple tasks on his primary staff segment assignment, he has willingly taken on additional projects outside of his regular duties. His provision of high-quality, reliable technical products and services have consistently exceeded normal expectations and supported project and departmental priorities. Josh’s unique skills enabled Parsons to offer new services for the Architect of the Capitol project that would otherwise have been outsourced. Displaying insight beyond what is typical of an early career professional, Josh quickly grasped various topics and provided direct design services in cleanrooms, secure meeting spaces, and BIM production. He anticipated client needs, delivering beyond their expectations with respect and consideration, while his innovative ideas led to improved processes and cost reductions.

Louis-Pierick G.

Louis-Pierick is a passionate bridge engineer known for his high technical skillset, exceptional organizational abilities, and commitment to excellence. He has made significant contributions to major projects, including seismic evaluations and retrofit assignments for the Jacques-Cartier Bridge, Bonaventure Expressway, and Honore-Mercier Bridge. His impeccable technical deliverables consistently exceed expectations. Notably, he played a key role in the seismic evaluation of Honore-Mercier Bridge and was instrumental in securing a $1.8 million contract for the seismic retrofit of two anchor piers of the Jacques-Cartier Bridge. His expertise extends to seismic isolation of bridges and his master’s thesis on this topic is frequently cited and will be included in the 2025 revision of the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code.

Mark M.

Mark is a dedicated structural engineer known for his consistent, high-quality work on projects such as the Frederick Douglass Tunnel Design Package P for the West Baltimore MARC station and the NYCT 13 Stations ADA Improvements project. His responsibilities range from analytical work and advanced modeling to structural design and document control. Despite challenging schedules with overlapping deliverables, Mark’s dedication ensures timely delivery of excellent quality structural designs. He has developed complex analytical models for the West Baltimore MARC station, which were peer-reviewed by senior engineers without requiring significant modifications. In addition to his primary duties, Mark coordinates between various disciplines in design processes and provides engineering support for projects like the MTA Tiffany roof project. Always seeking efficient solutions that meet client needs while being easy to construct, Mark is also a tech enthusiast who introduces new tools to streamline design processes and simplify parametric analysis within Parsons, including IdeaStatica and Geometry Gym tool that enhance communication between Grasshopper, SAP2000, and Revit.

Nathan V.

Nathan, a key contributor to the Missile Defense Agency’s Chief Architect Office, is known for providing expert technical support that significantly contributes to project success, demonstrating meticulous attention to detail and a thorough understanding of complex concepts. As a subject matter expert for Benchmark, he guides a high-performing team that consistently delivers solid study and analysis products. Nathan’s leadership has resulted in numerous analysis products being delivered to high-ranking personnel within the Department of Defense and members of Congress. His innovative approach has led him to discover new techniques that expand capabilities and improve processes, setting new benchmarks in missile defense architecture analysis.

Rashele M.

Rashele is a highly skilled landscape architect who consistently demonstrates technical excellence and attention to detail in her work. She excels at drafting intricate plans, collaborating on complex projects, and integrating design solutions with precise technical execution. Her ability to navigate challenges and devise elegant solutions exemplifies her commitment to advancing the discipline of landscape architecture. Rashele’s expertise extends beyond landscape design into areas such as irrigation, roads, and infrastructure coordination. She has made significant contributions to Aldar projects like DX Park and Haven by embracing building information modeling processes and Revit design tools while maintaining an aesthetic design vision.

Tayler S.

Tayler is a standout professional in the field of data science, known for her innovative use of technology and tools such as PowerBI, SQL, and ArcGIS Online. She designed, built, and currently manages a PowerBI dashboard for a complex environmental remediation site used by both the Parsons team and their client. Her dashboards provide real-time insights that have transformed the way environmental remediation data is analyzed and presented. Beyond her technical abilities, Tayler is also an emerging expert in structural geology and fractured bedrock and has taken over responsibilities from two senior scientists, excelling in improving processes and providing excellent client services. Additionally, she provides expertise for various projects and initiatives, including proposal development where innovative uses of technology are discriminators. She has assumed roles on three separate projects previously led by senior geologists when opportunities arose, demonstrating true leadership skills while improving project outcomes.

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