Parsons Corporation, a technology provider in the national security and global infrastructure markets, announced the launch of a new holistic cyber solution – Cyberzcape Tracker – that aims to proactively protect and neutralize cyber threats within critical infrastructure networks.

Parsons says this solution is the first commercial cyber offering of its kind that combines passive monitoring with active threat neutralization within the critical infrastructure protection industry.

Recently, Cyberzcape Tracker was piloted by two “leading” utility providers in the Midwest, which Parsons said unlocked a comprehensive, holistic, and programmatic contextual analysis of the network’s threat environment and then identified and neutralized malicious activity before impacting network integrity.

Cyberzcape Tracker combines capabilities from the company’s acquisition of IPKeys Cyber Partners with operational Parsons’ cybersecurity solutions that are currently used in networks across the global infrastructure and national security markets.

“Society depends on interconnected digital systems and the potential consequences of cyberattacks on vital services and critical infrastructure – like the attacks on Ukraine’s power grid and the United States’ Colonial Pipeline – are serious to the health, safety, and stability of our global communities,” said Robert Nawy, director of IPKCyber and Power Division at Parsons. “The protection of essential sectors like energy, finance, and healthcare is not merely a technical challenge; it’s a cornerstone of national resilience and security in the face of evolving and more sophisticated digital threats.”

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