Parsons Corporation, a leading player in the technology-driven solutions sector, has launched a game-changing cybersecurity solution, the Cyberzcape Tracker. Designed to bolster the integrity of critical infrastructure networks, this innovative solution merges passive monitoring and active threat neutralization, aiming to pinpoint and neutralize cyber threats before they can inflict significant damage.

Triumph in Practical Testing

Already under its belt, Cyberzcape Tracker has demonstrated its potential through successful tests by two preeminent utility providers in the Midwest. These tests not only validate the solution’s effectiveness but also underscore its potential to transform the cybersecurity landscape for critical infrastructure.

AI and Machine Learning: The Power Behind the Solution

At the heart of Cyberzcape Tracker’s effectiveness is a fusion of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. This combination enables the solution to continually learn, adapt, and respond to new threats. It integrates capabilities from Parsons’ recent acquisition of IPKeys Cyber Partners alongside the company’s established cybersecurity solutions.

A Response to Growing Cyber Threats

The development and launch of Cyberzcape Tracker come in response to an escalating pattern of cyberattacks on vital systems worldwide. Recent high-profile incidents, such as the attacks on Ukraine’s power grid and the United States’ Colonial Pipeline, highlight the urgent need for robust, innovative cybersecurity solutions. By focusing on safeguarding essential services and infrastructure – energy, finance, healthcare, and more – Parsons Corporation is making a significant contribution to national resilience and security.

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