In a move to advance environmental restoration, the United States Army has engaged with a group of nine companies, granting them access to a collective contract potential of $245 million. This investment underscores the Army’s commitment to addressing the hazardous, toxic, and radioactive waste challenges within the USACE Northwestern Division and under the oversight of the Environmental Protection Agency Region 2.

Conducted through an online medium, the Army Corps of Engineers received a competitive range of proposals, with ten in total being considered. From this rigorous selection process, a diverse cohort of companies have emerged, poised to deliver comprehensive environmental remediation services over a five-year period that extends until late 2028.

Among the chosen ones, industry leaders such as AECOM and Parsons, alongside specialized firms like Sevenson Environmental Services and HydroGeoLogic, make up the roster for this critical initiative. Each firm brings distinct expertise, ranging from scientific analytic skills to on-ground waste management techniques, demonstrating the Army’s strategic approach to encompass a broad spectrum of remediation activities.

The contract approach is adaptive, with funding and location determinations to be made with each task order, a reflection of the dynamic needs inherent in environmental work. This forward-looking strategy ensures not just the remediation of past environmental impacts, but also a conscious effort to sustain the health and safety of these regions for future generations. The carefully selected companies are now at the forefront, charged with the responsibility to tactically and effectively restore environmental sites, balancing ecological considerations with the operational needs of the nation’s defense infrastructure.

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