Heidi Wright

Vice President of Space Solutions, Parsons Corp.

This year, Parsons continued delivering on legacy contracts and developing state-of-the-art capabilities while establishing the foundation of its ops-as-asService business model, which provides customers with affordable, operationally ready, off-the-shelf solutions for their space mission requirements.

With the Space Force exploring more commercial offerings, Parsons is ahead of the market and ready to deliver mission solutions today.

Additionally, Heidi Wright helped establish a new organization within Parsons, focused on government space services and solutions, which will deliver high-quality technical solutions to key challenge areas and operational imperatives set forth by the Defense Department.

“Heidi’s depth of knowledge, energy and leadership are driving positive change and growth across our defense and intelligence business, ensuring that Parsons continues delivering innovative solutions to our customers across the space domain,” said Carey Smith, chair, president and CEO of Parsons Corp.

Why Watch

“While the past year has been transformational for our space business, my favorite thing is that we’re just getting started,” Wright said. Parsons is a new partner for DARPA and NOAA, providing commercial ground capabilities to fly new and legacy spacecraft on quick timelines, and combined with its existing work across the Space Force, intelligence and commercial customers, Parsons will continue delivering integrated solutions that unlock the space domain for customers.

Space is constantly evolving and growing exponentially. Wright and her team’s focus will remain on early missile warning and defense, especially against the hypersonic threat; command and control; space domain awareness; and the merger of government space solutions with the development of Parsons commercial space products, which provide so much value from both capability and affordability perspectives to customers.

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