2023 Engineering And Technical Excellence Award Winners

In honor of Engineers Week (February 19–25), we’re excited to recognize our Engineering and Technical Excellence Award winners and celebrate their exceptional work, commitment, and innovation.

The awards program recognizes both engineering and technical excellence, spotlighting exceptional talent that contributes to business and project success. In addition, the Rising Star Award recognizes emerging talent among our junior ranks. These extraordinary practitioners are on the leading edge of Parsons’ quest to create the future.

Engineering Excellence Winners

Frank B., PE

Frank’s technical knowledge is unrivaled within the Aviation and Rail and Transit track groups. He constantly performs at a high level delivering outstanding technical products. He has been an integral part of the B&P Tunnel Program for the better part of a decade, providing background knowledge from his time in design and construction on a B&P Tunnel project during the 1980s and giving input on the current program’s design. Frank provides design and quality control services on jobs throughout the company as well as guidance and training to other track engineers.

Sean-Phillip B., PE, Assoc. DBIA

Sean is a senior project manager who specializes in multidisciplinary engineering with a focus on projects in the structural engineering field that involve the design and rehabilitation of complex structures. He often serves as technical lead and/or capture manager on projects that include long‐span bridges, moveable bridges, tunnels, and project pursuits. Sean has served as project task lead on contracts with construction values of up to $6 billion.

Christian G., CEng, MCMI, PhD, BEng, EurIng, IntPE

Christian provides exceptional technical expertise in a wide range of areas, including power and wet utilities, project, contracts, and quality management. He continuously delivers projects on time and well under budget. As the authorized representative for the Royal Commission in Yanbu, Christian manages the design consultant master contracts and always delivers value for the client.

Kent L., M.A.Sc., P.Eng., ENV SP

Kent is a renowned, award-winning expert in structural engineering known for his ability to develop world-class designs and solutions to help overcome complex bridge issues. He is also a published author and has shared his incredible technical expertise via his publication on the design and construction of two major projects in British Columbia—the Capilano Cliffwalk Bridges and the Whistler Blackcomb Cloudraker Skybridge.

Daniele O., PEng, PE

A leading subject matter expert for segmental bridge construction engineering and specialized equipment design, Daniele offers a unique perspective based on his extensive experience. He is currently the single point of contact for the construction engineering, planning, casting, and erection of the 1.9-kilometer segmental bridge portion of Edmonton Valley Line West, a position critical to the success of the project.

Georgios S., EUR ING, CEng MICE

Georgios tackles difficult technical issues by generating breakthrough solutions and concepts to successfully complete the project. He is recognized as an industry expert who leads his projects with a proactive and goal-oriented approach that produces optimal solutions for all parties involved. He has co‐authored three white papers that have been presented or soon will be, at various international conferences.

Richard W., PE

Richard has more than 40 years of experience successfully leading engineering and construction support business operations; program and project management; and engineering, design, construction, design‐build, and startup services for major industries, municipalities, and various US government agencies. His ability to provide innovative solutions to improve design best practices is highly regarded on projects such as the National Nuclear Security Administration’s first-of-its-kind pulsed-power linear accelerator for subcritical nuclear experiments to be installed 1,000 feet underground.

Technical Excellence Winners

Lisa B.

During her 37 years with Parsons, Lisa has demonstrated her technical excellence by significantly advancing the state of the art of distributed simulations within the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Defense Intelligence Enterprise (DIE). Her technical expertise has been instrumental to the development, deployment, and operational use of the Integrated Threat Analysis and Simulation Environment (ITASE), a DIE-developed distributed simulation architecture that can integrate multiple heterogeneous weapon system models, developed by multiple organizations while operating in various simulation environments.

Curtis B.

Curtis is an outstanding technical leader within both Space and Mission Solutions. He provides solid technical advice and innovative approaches to enhance Parsons’ products through the integration of disparate capabilities into a comprehensive architecture that addresses customer needs. His expertise led to the creation and use of a Parsons ground station as a service in DARPA Blackjack and DARPA Ouija, NOAA POES’s extended life, and continued commercial small satellite opportunities.  

Walter D.

Walter is an award-winning architect who provides a high level of architectural and design management support to various federal agencies, including the DoD’s Intelligence Community and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. His accomplishments at Goddard Space Flight Center involved coordinating the preparation of plans, specifications, and other similar services in connection with the design and construction of many high‐profile scientific facilities. In recognition, he and his team received the agency’s Exceptional Achievement Award as well as the Applied Engineering and Technology External Support Award.

Mitchel D., M.Sc., CPESC

Mitchel is an environmental manager and fisheries biologist who continually exceeds the expectations of clients. He has a team-focused mentality and takes the lead in large multidisciplinary projects to highlight potential constraints and opportunities to facilitate construction, reduce environmental impacts, and improve sustainability. He consistently works to innovate at Parsons, including recent projects with Species at Risk (SAR) offsetting and erosion and sediment control design.

David I.

As an expert in advanced traffic management systems (ATMS), David is the software technical lead and system architect on several large ATMS projects where he manages, oversees, and reviews all major software modifications or enhancements. Over the last 15 years, David’s knowledge of systems engineering, network design, intelligent transportation system (ITS) PS&E design work, and hardware/software specifications and deployments has been critical to the success of Parsons’ ATMS team.

Jared K., CISSP

Jared is a security operations manager who has provided technical guidance for multiple areas within Parsons, including the new ParsonsX initiative. He has identified issues originally thought to be related to security configurations and provided network architectural guidance in resolving long‐term issues. His ability to identify and efficiently resolve technical security issues is invaluable.

Mazhar K., M Tech, MMUP, MIRC

Mazhar’s work as a resident engineer on the upgradation of the Mesaimeer Road Project was instrumental in completing the first cable-stayed, extra-dosed bridge in Qatar. Mazhar used his knowledge and expertise to resolve several technical issues, including the lack of post-tension in stay cable segments, pre‐camber of the bridge during erection, pylon diaphragm design for ultimate limit state case, bearing design, stage‐2 stressing of the stay cables, and more.

Craig M., PGp

Craig is a geophysicist with 26 years of experience performing and managing the geophysical mapping, detection, and discrimination of buried military munitions. As Parsons’ subject matter expert for geophysics, he is an expert in innovative Advanced Geophysical Classification (AGC) and is the technical manager of Parsons’ Department of Defense Advanced Geophysical Classification Accreditation Program (DAGCAP) certification.

Dharmendar P.

Dharmendar is a highly accomplished contract and commercial expert with over 38 years of experience, 25 of which have been with Parsons. Over the course of his career with Parsons, he has overseen the pre‐contract and post‐contract functions of 165 construction projects in Dubai, totaling a staggering $10 billion. In addition, he supports a portfolio of approximately $100 million in design and supervision contracts. 

Michael P.

Michael is a lead software engineer and subject matter expert for the Army Foundation Tool Kit GreenIron (GIN), one of the top-performing programs in cyber warfare. His ability to dissect complex problems within the offensive cyber domain, as well as develop innovative approaches and solutions from multiple vectors, has greatly contributed to the success of the team.

Alan P., BES, B. ARCH, OAA

Alan is a program director who provides innovative solutions for a wide range of project and proposal challenges, such as his work on the Eglinton Crosstown Light Rail and Gardiner Expressway projects. He offers the benefit of experience to leadership roles and encourages others to consider new and better ways to meet client and project needs. Alan strives to deliver value to clients while building strong working relationships based on trust as well as personal and team excellence.

Steven S.

Steven is instrumental in the development of notable software tools for the analysis and visualization of scientific model results for high-profile clients. A major accomplishment that illustrates this is the 13-plus-year-long development of HPAC Analyst, a data analysis and three‐dimensional visualization tool for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s (DTRA’s) Hazard Prediction and Assessment Capability (HPAC) system. He joined Parsons through the Xator acquisition in 2022. 

Rising Star Winners

Yasmeen A.

Yasmeen is an urban designer and architect who specializes in multidisciplinary design, research, and computational design. Her passion for innovative design has enabled her to explore critical approaches in leading the design, setting new boundaries, and collaborating with different teams and disciplines on projects ranging from furniture pieces to high-profile master plans.         

John C.

John is a communications-based train control (CBTC) automatic train supervision (ATS) engineer who demonstrates a high level of technical excellence and far exceeds expectations on projects for top clients, such as the Bay Area Rapid Transit and San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority. His dedication and commitment to utilizing his CBTC skills and expertise to produce high‐quality deliverables are exceptional.

Huzaifa E.

Huzaifa has played an instrumental role as the driving force behind the implementation of CAD, BIM, and GIS technologies for the Design and Planning Studio by building up the team’s digital capabilities and rolling out several noteworthy digital firsts for clients. Huzaifa’s attention to detail, clarity of purpose, strong problem-solving capabilities, and strategic forward-looking approach have empowered him to build a unique set of skills in emerging technologies, such as BIM, digital twins, AI and digital transformation, and many others. He exemplifies the company’s core values in his work and demeanor, consistently demonstrating integrity, innovation, and quality in all that he does.

Rachael F.

As an original member of the eight-person Air Base Air Defense team, Rachael was one of two engineers instrumental in the development of the Ramstein Air Defense Systems Integration Laboratory (RADSIL). The lab provides a first-of-its-kind capability for US Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) to integrate, test, and prototype candidate technologies for an innovative, layered approach to active ground-based air defense. In just one year, Rachael co-established and stabilized the RADSIL technical baseline; engineered and accredited a novel cross-domain, high-speed guard; and now regularly exercises the RADSIL prototype with partners of a nearby fighter wing.

Jessica H.

Jessica is a chemical engineer who provides excellent technical capabilities over a wide range of environmental subject matters. Her advanced techniques allow her to successfully conduct human health and ecological risk assessments to evaluate the impact of industrial chemicals, explosives, and radionuclides on the environment in support of investigations under the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act regulations.

Eska K., P.Eng., MASc

Eska is a systems engineer with a vast background in systems engineering (SE) process planning, requirements management, modeling and simulation, and systems design and testing. She recently obtained her Associate Systems Engineering Professional (ASEP) certification and currently plays a major role in requirements verification and validation as well as operational analysis for railway transit projects.

Kori L., PE

Since joining Parsons six years ago, Kori continues to go above and beyond to achieve technical excellence in her field, including mastering her clients’ processes for design and project delivery, earning the Parsons PMC certification, and supporting BD proposal efforts as a coordinator and an author. She is currently serving as project manager for Parsons’ on‐call contract with MetroAtlanta Rapid Transit Authority.

Kevin S., Ing., M.Sc.A

In his seven years at Parsons, Kevin has developed from a fresh graduate into a project bridge engineer with a highly technical skillset and an exceptional sense of organization. Kevin sets the bar high for technical excellence and innovation in complex assignments, such as performance-based seismic evaluations and rehabilitation design studies for major bridges in Canada, including the Jacques Cartier Bridge.

Kyle W.

Kyle’s strong leadership and skillset have propelled his career at Parsons as a software lead for our ZEUS® laser system and the Air Force Recovery of Air Bases Denied by Ordnance (RADBO) program. In addition to software development, he also specializes in creating and improving development processes by leveraging Parsons solutions, such as FedNet®, to improve our performance and the quality of our product.

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