Innovating Motor Vehicle Inspections In Vermont

Vermont motorists and vehicle inspection station personnel in The Green Mountain State are experiencing an upgrade thanks to Parsons’ innovation.

We were awarded the contract to improve the state’s vehicle inspection system in 2016, employing updated processes and technology that makes data collection electronic, allowing for data management and analysis at the state and station levels. The project also introduced a first-of-its-kind wireless, tablet-based emissions data collection system – developed by Parsons – that standardized emissions testing and reduced opportunities for fraud.

In 2020 we were awarded a four-year contract extension, allowing for further innovation and continuity of operations.

We didn’t stop there. Nearly a year later, our innovators went a step further by proposing a sticker on-demand capability to the state and in 2021 we were awarded a contract amendment to design, develop, deliver and operate the sticker on-demand component of Vermont’s vehicle inspection program. The new component alleviates the burden of preprinted sticker inventory and fee collection from the DMV, freeing up funds for the stations who had to prepay to have printed stickers on-hand. Now, inspection stations are billed for the actual stickers that they print – reducing associated costs and waste.

The inspection station enhancement effort started with one core belief — there is a better way to conduct business. “Years ago, the Senate Transportation Committee discussed the idea of inspection stickers on demand, and I am very pleased to see this new system implemented now,” said Sen. Dick Mazza, Chair of the Senate Committee on Transportation. “The on-demand stickers will enable Vermont businesses to do this important work in a more streamlined and cost-efficient manner.”

Today, the on-demand inspection sticker program has changed the way the state’s DMV services its customers at over 1,100 inspection facilities.

But Vermont’s vehicle inspection program isn’t just sticker service, Parsons’ Smart Vehicle Solutions group developed the proprietary technology and processes to drive efficiencies for the entire vehicle testing infrastructure, further alleviating the burdens of a paper-based inspection system on stations.

Through the new technology, inspection station personnel are using a secure automated tablet and custom printer to generate inspection stickers on-the-spot.

In a press release issued by the Vermont DMV, Marilyn Miller, Executive Director of Vermont Vehicle and Automotive Distributors Association (VADA) said, “We are delighted that the DMV and Parsons have simplified the process, making it better for our customers as well as inspection station operators.”

The Vermont vehicle inspection modernization effort is a great example of how our teams are helping clients build back smarter. We know how to adapt technology to propel business systems and processes into smarter, faster and more secure modes of operation. From developing streamlined systems for the Vermont DMV, to building the infrastructure of the future, we deliver a better way to operate.

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