2022 Engineering And Technical Excellence Award Winners

Engineer Of The Year

Celebrating Engineers Week 2022

This week (February 20–26) we’re celebrating Engineers Week! Each year since 2014, we’ve presented our Engineering and Technical Excellence Awards to recognize our engineers and technical trailblazers who embody the spirit of innovation and are committed to providing exceptional work products. This year, we added a new category, the Rising Star, to acknowledge some of our junior employees.

We are amazed at the accomplishments and diverse capabilities of the 2022 winners and thank them for driving innovation, providing inventive solutions to complex challenges, and helping us to create the future.

Engineering Excellence Winners

John C., PE

John, a 37-year veteran of the long-span bridge group and specialist in finite element analysis, has worked on major projects, including the Goethals Bridge, the Third Tacoma Narrows Suspension Bridge, and the Lions Gate Bridge Reconstruction. John’s work has been instrumental in delivering these and other key projects with an eye toward excellence in a field where we are well differentiated. We recently learned that John’s expertise on the Lions Gate Bridge in the early 2000s helped our British Columbia team secure a win on the same structure 20 years later.

Lori C.

As project manager for the BART Train Control Modernization Program, Lori is expertly leading the effort to advance a technically complex network-wide resignaling program, the first of its kind in the United States. Lori has assembled a team of the industry’s most elite communications-based train control experts to help BART modernize its network. BART’s CEO, Bob Powers, has on multiple occasions expressed how much he values the quality of our services.

Jimmy F., P.Eng.

Jimmy demonstrates technical excellence and innovation in tackling the analysis and design of major bridges, including complex seismic evaluations and retrofit assignments. He is currently working on a technical subcommittee with leading seismic experts on Section 4 of the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code to advance design requirements for seismic isolation bearings for bridges.

Ajish N., PE, LEED, Env SP

For 15 years, Ajish has consistently provided high-quality technical support on high-profile water/wastewater/groundwater treatment and water reuse projects across the municipal, industrial, and environmental remediation markets, developing unique, innovative solutions. He’s currently designing Parsons’ first municipal drinking water treatment system that targets the removal of PFAS compounds, which is positioning us for key strategic targets in the PFAS market.

Mubashir V., PE

A highway design engineer and one of only a handful of Bentley Premier Scholars in OpenRoads Designer, Mubashir excels in preparing different mitigation measures and in the concept design of multilevel interchanges. He paved the way for the design basis software template for many landmark projects across the Middle East. An influencer with a passion for mentoring others, Mubashir thrives on exploring new technologies and exploring boundaries.

Technical Excellence Winners

Randy C.

Randy’s expertise in 3D visualization (CADD and BIM renderings) has been critical to the success of a high-profile project for our Federal Solutions segment. Randy’s ability to quickly develop exhibits and renderings that enabled the client to visualize how changes to project technology could impact facility designs was instrumental in furthering project development and staying on schedule and within budget.

Abdelsalam I., PE

Abdelsalam Idris has provided innovative technical solutions to complicated power issues at the Lusail City program, including introducing new electrical design criteria for the project that resulted in fair, equitable power distribution. He generated breakthrough solutions acceptable to the client, including an alternative technical solution for HV power cables that resulted in canceling a portion of a utility tunnel and produced significant savings on the project.

Dmitri K.

Dubbed the “Swiss army knife” of his team for his versatility, Dmitri’s engineering degree and MBA allow him to bring two unique skillsets to work each day. He is adept at helping his team thoughtfully integrate new technology into legacy infrastructure and has demonstrated industry-leading knowledge in delivering connected and autonomous vehicle technology—a cornerstone element for future smart mobility/intelligent transportation system (ITS) service delivery.

Jennifer K.

Jenny, a project manager in the planning group, has a unique knack for recognizing needs from the client’s perspective. She excels at producing quality documents, including environmental impact statements and NEPA documents—as well as proposals, presentations, and other documents—for projects such as the I‐69 ORX and the Washington, DC, to Richmond High-Speed Rail Project.

Lee M.

Lee’s expertise in the development of simulation-related architectures and his ability to communicate complex technical concepts to a wide variety of audiences were key factors in Parsons winning many modeling and simulation contracts. Lee frequently works outside his primary mission area to ensure that all aspects of our simulation efforts are successful, and continuously researches new approaches to solving our customers’ complex simulation problems.

Steve R., PhD

Steve specializes in human health risk assessments to evaluate chemical contamination in soil, groundwater, sediment, and surface water and the risks they pose to receptors. He performs complex computations and data analysis, and he has a knack for explaining the results to public and regulatory stakeholders. A member of the Interagency Technical and Regulatory Council (ITRC) PFAS Team and ITRC Microplastics Team, Steve helps author guidance for emerging contaminants.

Eric S.

Eric consistently delivers innovative, mission-oriented solutions as a subject matter expert supporting USCYBERCOM’s Cyber National Mission Force (CNMF) and Rapid Effects Capability Development (RECD) team. He is a by-name requested briefer by high-level DoD, USCYBERCOM, and CNMF dignitaries for his ability to explain highly technical capabilities and products in relatable terms and is known for his ability to observe and capture operator usage functionality.

Rising Stars

Fadia A.

Fadia is an engineer who provides cross‐regional support for projects and pursuits in MEA related to smart cities or innovation and has been instrumental in winning several large projects over the past year. Fadia is also a key member of the Parsons MEA Innovation Committee, vetting cutting‐edge technologies and new practices for potential implementation across major programs.

Melanie B.

With just five years of experience, Melanie’s amazing grasp of mathematics and the numerical modeling of highly complicated projects is rarely found, even in 15- or 20-year professionals. Our clients frequently develop specific budgets for her expertise on their most difficult complex projects. She innovates on a minute-to-minute basis, writing complicated mathematical code, performing advanced chemical transport models to predict risk of emerging contaminants, and executing highly complicated geostatistical models of radioactive materials.

Austin G.

Austin, product manager for our premier cyber solution, ENVE, has been called the linchpin for ENVE, which is forecasted to generate $26 million in revenue in 2022. Promoted last year to lead the Product Management team, he has helped ensure product quality and successful delivery across the DoD, with high praise from the customer. Austin routinely assists on-site with operators, ensuring mission success and the greater adoption of our capabilities within the DoD.​

Christopher K., PE

Chris was instrumental in developing structural support solutions for a first-of-a-kind phased array system for a proposal for the US Department of Defense (DoD). This effort involved the use of the US DoD’s highly proprietary 3D design information and its incorporation into our modeling tools. His effort helped to create a deployable system that that was extreme-weather resilient.

Mohamed R. K.

Rizwan is known for his “find a solution” attitude when project challenges arise and is on the forefront of brainstorming and suggesting ideas. His recent participation on a resilience study sponsored by Qatar’s public works department to study the impacts of climate change and sea level rise over 100 years was helpful in finalizing the parametric points and boundary conditions for a hydrogeological model that helped reduce project costs.

Emilee W., PE

In her eight years at Parsons, Emilee has developed from a fresh graduate to one of our top-performing project managers in Georgia. Her contributions have led to successful project delivery and client management, and she plays a major role in leading proposal development, resource planning, and hiring.

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