Safety In Place, From Earth To Space

Here at Parsons we have a commitment to Own Zero when it comes to safety, health, and the environment (SH&E). The backbone of our strong SH&E culture is composed of five primary principles: 

  1. Anyone can provide effective safety feedback to others, regardless of position or title.
  2. All stakeholders feel enabled to stop work when conditions warrant.
  3. Everyone is engaged in the safety process, and they take those practices home to their families.
  4. Safety is included in all planning phases of project execution: business development to project closure.
  5. Safety ownership begins when individuals hold themselves and others accountable.

We’ve faced some unique circumstances in 2020 and 2021, which inspired us to emphasize number three—especially the part about bringing safety practices home. So while our employees and their children were home sheltering in place, we thought it would brighten things up to conduct our second Parsons SH&E Storybook Contest. We remotely collected safety-themed drawings from Parsons family members between the ages of five and 16 all over the world, and we have to say the results were outstanding.

Watch The Storybook Here

Check out last year’s video!

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