Landscape Architecture And Urban Design: Providing Project Solutions And Added Value To Clients

Technical Webinar

Technical Webinar Series


We continue to pursue ways to provide added value and services to our clients and portfolios, building multidisciplinary teams to resolve complex issues and to develop innovative solutions. Our landscape architecture professionals contribute to these teams through the establishment of a collaborative design process that utilizes synergies created between disciplines to effectively problem solve and develop solutions, addressing client needs and concerns.


Our landscape architecture team works with interdisciplinary teams on a wide array of projects, including design-build infrastructure projects, streetscape design, and parks and recreation facilities. One area of strength that the team delivers is the ability to look at a project holistically to see how its different aspects interact with each other, and creatively address potential conflicts and stakeholder needs.

Results/Lessons Learned

In transportation, environmental, and urban development projects, landscape architects often have been brought in at the final stages of design to add the final touches and “icing on the cake” (for example, planting designs or finishing materials). More often than not, this can result in the final design being impacted due to project limitations set earlier in the design process. This limits the opportunities to create strong context-sensitive solutions on portions of designs which typically receive the smallest of budgets and attention in spite of having the greatest visibility (i.e., landscape and aesthetics). In this webinar we will share the services and added value landscape architects provide, resulting in cost-effective, sustainable, and ultimately stronger projects.

About The Presenter

Natalia is a forestry and environmental resource management engineer, and a landscape architecture designer, who specializes in ecological restoration and remedial monitoring, urban forestry, site engineering, and environmental design.

About The Presenter

Jeff is a senior project landscape architect for Parsons, specializing in transportation landscape architecture, environmental planning, and urban design projects. He is well versed in both the design of urban environments, as well as the reestablishment of the native environment.

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