Environmental Modeling And Statistical Analysis

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Presentation Description

We continue to pursue the application and integration of environmental modeling and statistical analysis to improve management and decision making. Stakeholders (corporations, managers, agencies, municipalities/counties, agribusiness, private landowners, etc.) need tools that help them develop and evaluate multiple scenarios to understand and visualize pollutant reduction options based on cost and benefit (i.e., amount of pollutant reduction possible).


We have worked with clients to deliver alternative approaches to traditional modeling tasks when simulating pollutant fate and transport. The traditional approach has been for consultants to develop models to find the best characterization of an environmental system despite typical and often significant data gaps. Parsons has helped clients focus on how to use environmental models to support adaptive management approaches by linking models and statistical analysis with our decision support systems (DSS) to identify multiple options for implementing watershed-based solutions for improving water quality.

Results/Lessons Learned

As an industry leader in the arena of modeling and environmental simulation, we seek to provide value to our customers through innovative processes and unique solutions. Our Watershed Implementation Simulation Tool (H2OISTâ„¢) is a DSS that allows for rapid development and evaluation of alternatives based on complex models where multiple parties are responsible for making decisions. The tool makes complex models accessible by offering the user a graphical user interface (GUI) that targets aspects of a scientific simulation model that represent their interests. While the tool is shown in this webinar is for watershed decision making, it is easily used in terrestrial environments as well.

About The Presenter

Mel Vargas is a Parsons Senior Project Manager with more than 28 years of experience advancing watershed management strategies for clients. He has worked with municipal, regional, state, and private clients to develop multi-decision criteria tools to accelerate consensus on water resource management decision making.

About The Presenter

Randy Palachek, is a Senior Project Manager with more than 32 years of experience in the areas of biological sampling, ecological risk assessment, contaminated remediation for RCRA and Superfund sites, water quality standards, watershed assessment, water quality modeling, regulatory analysis, and permitting.

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