U.S. Army Training Support Systems Enterprise – U.S. and International Locations

  • Department of the Army
Project Value

$163.6 million


Defense And Intelligence


Program/Construction Management (PM/CM), Security Operations

Enterprise-Wide Training Support

Training our troops is a mission-critical component in supporting the Army’s mission to protect and defend the United States, at home and abroad. Since Parsons first began working with the Army in 1998 to support its training mission, the training required has evolved to meet the emerging threat requirements posed by our adversaries. As a prime contractor on the U.S. Army Training Support Systems (TSS I and II) contracts, we provide support to soldiers in the live, virtual, constructive, and gaming (LVC&G) training domains at Army installations across the United States, Europe, and Korea.

Our training support encompasses the training information infrastructures, products, materiel, personnel, services, and facilities to enable integrated training and education. Our team provides the Army with program management, technical and analytical services, training, and training support services across the five principal program areas of the Army Training Support Enterprise as follows:

  • Combat Training Center Support: capstone training events for Army brigade combat teams preparing to execute missions throughout the world
  • Mission Complex and LVC-IA Support: high-tech training for the fusion of mission command training capabilities; serves as the centerpiece of digital training support for Army senior commanders and their staffs
  • Sustainable Range Program: overall approach for improving the way the Army designs, manages, and uses its ranges and training lands to meet soldier training responsibilities
  • Soldier Training Support Program: updates to soldier and small-unit training strategies and programs based on changes in the contemporary operating environments
  • Training Development Support: development of LVC&G capabilities, content, and solutions

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We offer unmatched expertise supporting the full life cycle of LVC&G training domains and continue to expand the services we provide to the Army to meet the challenges of a dynamic threat environment. Learn more about our national security solutions.


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