Delta Conveyance Project Bethany Reservoir Alignment — Sacramento, CA

  • Delta Conveyance Design and Construction Authority (DCA)
Project Value

$20 Billion


Tunneling, Water And Wastewater


Program/Construction Management (PM/CM)

Delta Conveyance Project
Delta Conveyance Project Overview

We provide program management services to the Delta Conveyance Design and Construction Authority (DCA). This includes provide overall management, technical/engineering consulting, and project controls for the DCA, including staffing and software for activity scheduling and reporting, risk management, program budget/cost planning and monitoring, performance metrics development and reporting, program documentation, and other related professional services.

California Advances Water Resiliency With Delta Conveyance Project

The Department of Water Resources (DWR) approved the Delta Conveyance Project in December 2023, a modernization of the infrastructure system that delivers water to millions of Californians. DWR certified the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and completed an extensive environmental review. DWR selected the “Bethany Reservoir Alignment” for further engineering, design, and permitting, which includes two new intakes in the North Delta, one below-ground tunnel 45 miles in length (36 feet diameter), and a pumping plant connected to the Bethany Reservoir. The Delta Conveyance Project is a key part of California’s Water Resiliency Portfolio and Governor Newsom’s Water Supply Strategy. The project will modernize the state’s water infrastructure to:

  • Capture and move more water during wet seasons to better endure dry seasons,
  • Minimize future losses from climate-driven weather extremes,
  • Protect against earthquakes disrupting water supplies,
  • Continue meeting regulatory water quality and fishery requirements,
  • Add new operating rules for further fishery protections,
  • Include a Community Benefits Program to ensure local communities get the means and resources to achieve tangible and lasting benefits.

Why Upgrading The State Water Project (SWP) Infrastructure Is Critical

Delta Conveyance refers to State Water Project (SWP) infrastructure in the vast network of waterways comprising the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta (Delta) that collects and moves fresh, clean, and affordable water throughout major regions of the state from the Bay Area to Southern California.

A drone aerial view of Bethany Dams and Reservoir, located on the California Aqueduct and downstream from the Harvey O. Banks Pumping Plant. Photo taken January 20, 2022. Kelly M Grow / California Department of Water Resources

The Delta is at the center of California’s vital water distribution system.

The SWP collects and delivers water from the Delta to more than 27 million Californians and 750,000 acres of farmland. The infrastructure that enables conveyance for California’s primary water supply is critical to the health of local communities and the success of the state’s economy. Because the SWP relies on the Delta’s natural channels to convey water, it is vulnerable to earthquakes and sea level rise. Upgrading the SWP infrastructure protects against these threats and secures the longevity of the SWP and the future reliability of SWP water supplies.

Engineering For Environmental Sustainability

The DCA is responsible for the engineering and design work and, eventually, project construction. Under the direction of DWR, the DCA made several notable design refinements specifically to avoid or minimize local construction impacts. The refinements included reducing the number of tunnel shafts, establishing state-of-the-art fish screens to improve performance, reducing the size of the on-bank structure, and connecting straight to the California Aqueduct. These creative solutions help to reduce the overall project footprint.

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