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The Architect of the Capitol serves as agency and steward of many of the United States’ most iconic landmark buildings.

We bring our expertise in all elements of facility and infrastructure systems and conservation to advance the Architect of the Capitol’s important mission.

We do this under three contracts that sustain and modernize the AOC’s portfolio of both historical and new facilities.

US Capitol Visitor Center and Exhibit Gallery.

Sustaining Landmarks For New Generations

Our construction management services for the Capitol Building and campus and offsite locations at Ft. Meade include:

  • Historical preservation, including restoration of external façade stone and metal work. This includes repairing and replacing marble and stone that has deteriorated over time because of external corrosion.
  • Dirksen Senate building, where we’re overseeing renovations to one of the Senate hearing rooms.
  • Thomas Jefferson building, where we’ll be preparing the visitors’ center ahead of the US’ 250th anniversary.
  • Library of Congress buildings, where we’re managing the installation of a cellular update system.
  • Routine facility modernization, such as elevator upgrades, new stairwells, and build-out of offices.

Maximizing Efficiencies

The AOC’s comprehensive stewardship extends beyond these visible assets to the Capitol Power Plant, to maximize efficiency and energy savings. There, we’re refurbishing the chiller system that provides steam and chilled water service to buildings within the Capitol Complex.

We also provide Operation and Maintenance (O&M) services for the Capitol Power Plant and Utility Metering Maintenance for the utility distribution system. Together, these include miles of piping, ancillary mechanical and electrical equipment, and below grade structures including tunnels, vaults, and inspection chambers used to heat and cool the US Capitol Complex.

Advancing The Architect Of The Capitol’s Mission

We understand the long-term benefits of properly managing each element of the facility lifecycle. We’re proud to sustain and preserve these nationally important facilities―and advance the AOC’s commitment to providing a safe environment and inspiring experiences at the Capitol complex.

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