Driving The Direction Of Packets And Protocols

As network data rates increase, customized solutions are needed to increase their capacity. Many cyber tools have technical limitations due to their lack of scalability. As the world becomes more digital, specialized technologies are required to improve their security, efficiency, and reach. A customized, tailorable network packet broker solution to solving this problem didn’t exist until now.

We know cyber and we are technology integrators. We have experienced networks increase in complexity and bandwidth.

Our recognition of this market gap propelled our development of PacketWolf®, an extremely flexible and tailorable network broker powered by the Arista 7170-32C.

We provide the most performant network packet broker for the size, weight, and power in the industry while using our expertise in cyber and technology integration to provide unparalleled flexibility and quality.

PacketWolf® is a highly configurable packet broker that can ingest large volumes of data and funnel it in manageable, relevant streams to whatever device needs to analyze it, all without dropping data. It can “triage” data based on custom configurations and whatever specific rule the customer wants to set. PacketWolf® receives packets and applies customized selection rules to extract packets from the data stream that should be sent to monitoring applications for additional processing. For example, PacketWolf® enables the end-user to isolate traffic from known, hostile IP addresses and automate the action. Without PacketWolf®, a security team must find those IP addresses in the sea of information streaming into the network on a continual basis.

Network packet broker

Product Features

Packet Selection

Identifies and directs information based on customer-defined parameters, including routing known malicious traffic away from the network.

Packet Distribution

Intelligently load balances packet flows to spread the processing load across multiple cyber processing elements.

Packet Steering

Optimizes and efficiently pushes the right data to the right tool.

Product Highlights


  • Zero packet loss
  • Built upon the Arista 7170
  • Flexible 10G to 100G support on all ports
  • Up to 128 x 10G, 25G or 64 x 50G using breakout cables
  • Up to 1.6 terabits per second
  • Up to 4.8 billion packets per second
  • Latency from 800ns
  • 22MB integrated packet buffer
  • Power (Typical/Max): 250W/500W


  • Flow De-tunneling
  • Flow-aware Load Balancing
  • Advanced Packet Selection
    • IPv4, IPv6, TCP port, UDP port, 3-tuple, 5-tuple
  • Configurable to unique customer mission sets
  • Accommodates changes in bandwidth and load
  • Graphical command and control of multiple systems
  • Optimizes and efficiently pushes data where it needs to go
  • Remote gRPC API for automated tasking/status

Key Capabilities:

Flow Aware Load Balancing

  • Processes up to 1.6Tbps of network traffic with no packet loss through 16 100GE input ports and load balancing selected data from 16 100GE ports.
    • Equivalent of processing 704 million single-spaced typewritten pages per second without losing a single page.

Flow De-tunneling (Undocumented or Proprietary Protocol Support)

  • Strips packet data from multiple tunneling protocols
    • Extends lifetime of cyber tools not designed for 100G packet streams


  • Right-size customization around any existing system
    • Integration capabilities
    • Add new networking protocols when they emerge


  • Proactive and responsive support while adhering to cost efficiency


  • Robust system accommodates higher level of traffic

Cost Efficiency

  • Reliable adapter for ever-changing network
    • Consistent and constant high levels of monitoring without burning additional cost

*Parsons complies with all applicable Trade Compliance regulations. Some of Parsons products may require an authorization from the U.S. Government before they are exported.

Disclaimer: Parsons is a global company operating through various named legal entity subsidiaries. The company’s successful acquisitions have led us to become a leading disruptive technology company in the critical infrastructure, defense, and intelligence markets.

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