Data Analysis And Visualization INfrastructure (DAVINCI)

Today’s warfighter has limited time to execute tasks, whether performing Major Combat Operations (MCO) or training for the next operation. The nature and tempo of operations can also change over time, increasing cognitive burden. Maximizing and optimizing the time available and spent is a key driver to commander and unit effectiveness. However, available technology solutions tend to focus on domain-specific requirements and can be difficult to deploy, train, sustain, and enhance in a cost-efficient and timely way.

The Data Analysis and Visualization INfrastructure for C4ISR (DaVinci™) is a Mission Command (MC) planning and execution framework. It features a high-capability, low-overhead Combined Arms simulation where combat behaviors perform to standard and individual warfighting functions (WfFs) can be user-directed and -controlled. DaVinci™ tracks resources, executes tasks, and determines effects over time, and can run many times the speed of real time. When it comes to planning, DaVinci™ handles the science so the warfighter can focus on the art.

Extensible, Scenario-Based Foundation

DaVinci™ provides a proven, extensible architecture that is tailorable to the end-user requirement. It features modular services for resource allocation, scheduling, monitoring/analysis, low-overhead simulation, and training. While fundamentally domain-independent, it also provides doctrine-based MC domain models, to include WfF, Military Decision-Making Process (MDMP), combined arms effect reasoning, automation, and decision aids. DaVinci™ expanded and matured during years of shared investment from several government and military agencies, and it features native interoperability with MC systems, data, and messaging interfaces.

Automating Operations And MDMP

DaVinci™ applications have provided numerous time-saving capabilities for rapid Course of Action (COA) development. These include user-definable workflows for tracking MDMP progress; libraries of units and platforms to use directly or modify; multi-echelon, distributed concurrent planning; tracking and projecting resources, tasks, effects, and logistics behavior over time; semi-automated unit operational behavior based on mission, enemy, terrain, troops available, time, and civilian considerations (METT-TC); interactive war-gaming with automated combat resolution (ground/air/indirect fire) and competitive earned Situational Awareness (SA); draft plans and orders production.

We’re Transforming The Battlespace

We touch every aspect of the all-domain battlespace and address emerging threats by fusing technologies across warfighting domains. Learn more.

Simulation And Training To Prepare For Evolving Conditions

Simulation-based training has proven tremendously useful for individuals and small groups at training centers, schools, and tactical/operational units. DaVinci™ provides a game-like experience within which members of the armed forces practice MC staff operations, to include planning, rehearsal, analysis, execution/simulation, mission monitoring, and After-Action Review (AAR). Users execute their mission against an opposing plan based on specific training goals customized by the battle captain. The game can be tailored to individual user needs, allowing for a focus on exercise objective as opposed to system operation.

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