Our Quest

In Pursuit Of A Better Way

In our business, companies that want to keep up have a choice—work harder or work smarter. At Parsons, we know that effort alone won’t cut it. That’s why, to solve the world’s toughest technical challenges, we’ve devoted ourselves to delivering the world’s smartest solutions. While we’re considered one of the most creative technology-driven solutions providers out there, we realize that only active minds are rewarded with inspiration, and our minds never rest.


We partner with customers around the globe to deliver value through scalable, fast, disruptive solutions to their most complex national security and global infrastructure obstacles. When they struggle with new questions that other companies want to address with old answers, we dare to ask, “Is there a better way?” We believe that there always is—that there’s a way things have always been done, and then there’s a superior way nobody has done it before. This belief is ingrained in our culture. It’s etched into our core values. More than a conviction, we see our commitment to innovation as a key that unlocks the power of Parsons to provide the greatest value to our clients. That’s how we’re providing solutions both for now and for the future, and that’s why we’re more than a company. We’re a paradigm shift.

We combine unique technological solutions with deep domain expertise, not just to stay ahead of the competition but also to stay ahead of our customers’ needs. We’ve earned our place at the top thanks to the dedication of our people and their commitment to applying our exceptional capabilities in artificial intelligence, machine learning, satellite mapping, and geospatial intelligence to defense, intelligence, military training, connected communities, physical infrastructure, and mobility solutions. And we tie all this together with an unmatched cybersecurity toolset that both safeguards our nation and defends the Internet of Things—because by protecting the operational networks that run facilities like chemical plants, rail systems, water systems, or other critical infrastructure, we’re protecting lives.

On top of all this, Ethisphere has put us on its list of World’s Most Ethical Companies for 13 years running, so our customers know that when they hire Parsons, they’re hiring a firm they can believe in.

Blazing New Trails

In 1944, all we had were eight employees, an ambition to take on the biggest projects, and a drive to achieve things no one else could by pioneering new methods and technologies. Along the way, we built a reputation for excellence and grew into a company with more than 16,000+ employees, including some of the brightest minds in the energy, space, transportation, defense, and intelligence markets.

Our record of stellar performance stretches from North America to Antarctica. A lot of companies with that kind of resume might be happy to rest on their laurels. Not us. We’re far from done. If there’s one thing that our past tells you, it’s that we’re always going to push ahead, to lead with innovation and imagination. As a disruptive, transformative company from day one, we’ve blazed plenty of trails, but being a trailblazer is more than our history. It’s our nature.

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A Unique Perspective

The world spins fast, but we’re faster. As connectivity increases, geopolitical conditions shift, near-peer threats loom, and technology advances, our people are ready to help our customers confront the challenges of tomorrow in every domain—land, sea, air, space, and cyber. And they aren’t bound by the titles on their business cards. Whether a Parsons employee is a cyber warrior, a systems integrator, a mobility expert, or a digital designer, we’re all solutions providers.

We’ve put ourselves at the nexus of critical infrastructure and technology solutions, and no one can bring those two realms together like we can. Our range of capabilities allows us to help clients see matters from new angles and lets us layer and integrate solutions to accomplish things the world has never seen. Changes today are coming at us with daunting speed. But when we look to the future, we’re not intimidated. We see endless sources of inspiration to fuel our creativity and to deliver a better world. Fast. Scalable. Disruptive. Different. That’s what we call the Parsons perspective.

The Quest Mark Story

Parsons is the company that asks, “How can we do it better?” To us, this is more than a question. It’s our quest—one that deserves to be immortalized in our company logo. That’s why we devised the Parsons Quest Mark.

Parsons Quest

The Quest Mark transforms the P from our classic wordmark with a clean, angular design to symbolize the question that drives us. The angles represent our ability to look at challenges from different perspectives, the missing portion of the P signifies our status as a disruptor, and the green-to-blue color gradient indicates our market leadership in all domains, from Earth to cyberspace.

Our wordmark has always been associated with the solutions we pursue to deliver a better world, and now the Parsons Quest Mark will embody the origin of those solutions. 

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