Internship Program FAQ’s

How long do Parsons internships typically last? 

We require a 10-week minimum for all our Parsons internships, but many of our interns work with us longer than that via internship extensions or return internships.

What’s the difference between interning in the summer compared to the fall or spring?

The bulk of our internships are offered during the summer months (May/June through mid-August). Due to this, we offer formal programming, networking opportunities, and social events. We do support fall or spring internships but please know there are not as many offerings during this time. The title or job description will note the season that the position is taking place.

Does Parsons offer internships to high school students?

At this time, we do not offer internships to high school students or anyone under the age of 18.

Do you offer fall or spring co-ops/internships? 

Some of our teams can support fall or spring co-ops. Please reference our career page to see if any fall or spring opportunities are available. The co-op/intern time frame will be listed in the title or job description. The bulk of our internships are offered during the summer term (June through mid-August).

Who do I contact for more information on the Parsons internship program?

For any questions related to the Parsons internship program, please contact Mariah Kushin from the Early Talent team for more information. Please note that this team does not handle recruitment. If you are participating in a recruitment process and have questions, please reach out to your Parsons recruitment contact or await a response from our recruitment team.

What format(s) do you offer your internships?

We offer internships at Parsons’ locations in hybrid, in-person, and virtual formats! Over 90% of our positions are in-person or in a hybrid model, with a small number being virtual. The title or job description will note whether the position is in-person/hybrid, or virtual.

Can I apply for multiple Parsons internships?

You can absolutely apply to multiple internships, but we recommend you choose your Top 1-2, and come prepared to discuss with the recruiter what excited you about each position.

Where does Parsons offer internships and how big is the program?

Parsons is a global company, so we offer internships across the globe! Our primary program is based in the United States and Canada with 200+ interns but, we do also offer some internships within the Middle East and Europe. Check out our careers page to learn more.

Does Parsons offer relocation or housing assistance during an internship? 

The majority of the time, we do not offer relocation or housing assistance. However, there are rare circumstances where this will be included in an offer package. If this is something you require, please make your recruiter aware at the beginning of the interview process.

What can I expect from my summer internship?

Each summer, we offer a variety of events centered around Parsons as a company, professional development topics, intern mentorship opportunities, and social events. In addition, we try to offer opportunities for interns to further their professional career, including job shadow opportunities, real project work, and required final project presentations.

Do Parsons internships require a security clearance? 

A minimal amount of internships require security clearances for the internship experience itself. However, many of our internships typically require that interns are eligible in the future to obtain and maintain a security clearance. For positions based in the United States, this requires that candidates have proof of US Citizenship. Please reference the internship position’s job description when you apply to see if US Citizenship and/or a security clearance is required.

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