Energy Advisory Services

Advancing Innovative Clean Energy

As countries and companies aim to build a sustainable future with net-zero emissions, innovative ideas and technologies are essential. Our team of energy advisors are experts in taking an idea from the lab to the field. They’re accelerating the commercialization of clean-energy technologies that facilitate the global energy transition.

Our Solutions

Serving as independent engineer (IE) or owner’s engineer (OE), we’ve supported hundreds of energy customers. We provide expert, objective verification that the technical, financial, and contractual assumptions for large, complex projects are achievable and sustainable. Our proprietary de-risking process provides our customers with comprehensive and integrated evaluations, which allows their projects to secure financing, be constructed on time and on budget, and operate as expected.

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Trusted Third-Party Validation

Serving as IE, Parsons supports funding agencies, lenders, and investors with a due-diligence process that redefines “multidisciplinary.” We combine the collective talents of industry-recognized technology experts, project development and contracts experts, and risk-review experts. Our deep knowledge of technology, engineering, and construction management provides full support across markets. Our real-world experience brings lessons learned from designing and building similar projects.

Parsons is the IE for the United States’ largest planned electric-vehicle battery-cell manufacturing plants. We support the Department of Energy (DOE) Loan Programs Office. Our experts guide technical de-risking and mitigation from due diligence and loan closure through construction, startup, and complex facility operations. For the Office of Clean Energy Demonstrations, we assist the DOE with evaluating, funding, and monitoring projects. We provide support across a wide range of technologies, sizes, and use cases.    

Project Development Partners

We’re leading providers of OE and project/construction management (PM/CM) services to government agencies, municipalities and utilities, and commercial developers. Together with our customers, we develop projects with strong prospects for financing and successful implementation. Our support is provided from pre-feasibility validations through design and procurement planning, and execution management through construction and initial operations.

As OE, we’ve provided front-end engineering and design, grant application, procurement, and regulatory support for renewable-energy projects, including solar, energy storage, biofuels, microgrid, and nuclear projects around the world. Our team has also served in program management OE roles on multiple hydroelectric and thermal hydrolysis projects. The projects have collectively generated thousands of megawatts of clean energy.

De-Risked By Design

Our de-risking process evolved from rigorous procedures developed during the design-build of the world’s largest and most complex infrastructure projects. We’ve adapted this process to project financing and technology development. It takes a multidisciplinary approach that clarifies linkages between technical drivers, performance and financial model assumptions, and contractual provisions. With improved decision-making and more effective risk allocation, we’re advancing the delivery speed of these innovative projects.

We’re experienced with helping developers and project owners secure funding through loans and grants by advising during development. Our participation in a project implementation team creates confidence when it comes to successful planning and execution.  

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