Ricardo Lorenzo, chief technology officer at Parsons, said the company has integrated artificial intelligence into every aspect of its business platforms and culture and considers AI as a “force-multiplier” behind its innovative efforts and technology platforms across its federal and critical infrastructure segments.

“We have embedded AI as a core pillar of our engineering approach: from concept development to operations and sustainment, we are consistently looking for opportunities to enhance capabilities and processes through AI augmentation,” Lorenzo said in a statement published Thursday.

He said the company’s AI-driven cybersecurity tools, including its Integrated Collection System product line, offer proactive defense against cyberthreats.

When it comes to federal tech platforms, Parsons has advanced the use of AI to analyze large volumes of data, facilitate the decision-making process and improve situational awareness across all domains in support of warfighters’ missions.

The company has also implemented over 40 transportation projects that use AI to enhance the mobility, efficiency and safety of transportation networks.

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