As President Biden’s infrastructure proposal continues to make headlines, we are joining United For Infrastructure’s annual Infrastructure Week to highlight the critical need for innovative solutions to solve infrastructure challenges across the U.S.

We are currently living in the most technologically advanced time in history. The global pandemic accelerated critical infrastructure’s digital transformation and reinforced the importance of secure connections to help move society safely and efficiently. As the U.S. government considers infrastructure investments, we recognize that every new connection brings another opportunity for cyber criminals. In infrastructure, those connections might be a traffic light, a bus transit signal receiving priority, or a vehicle inspection center holding data on cars and consumers.

We have the advantage at Parsons of working across the table from cyber and intelligence experts who work to solve complex security issues and respond to existing and emerging threats every day. Cybersecurity is critical, but it remains just one piece of the infrastructure puzzle.

Watch below as, Carey Smith, our President and COO is joined by our Critical Infrastructure business unit leaders, Tom Topolski, who leads our Connected Communities group, and Mark Fialkowski, who leads our Mobility Solutions group, to talk more about the backlog of infrastructure in the U.S.

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