Flying Solutions: Adding Value With Drone Surveying And Sensing

Technical Webinar Series

Presentation Description

Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS), more commonly known as drones, have become more widespread in various industries ranging from construction to geophysics. The unmanned aircraft itself is only the platform that carries the payloads used to collect the data. The objective of this webinar is to examine the full architecture of sUAS and the capabilities that sUAS have and how that data can be used to provide end-users the information they need.


We operate an aviation-based UAS program that establishes the framework for how UAS are utilized. With this risk-based approach and framework, Parsons provides innovative solutions to clients by using commercially available technology, developing the latest in-house sensor suites, and working with partners to develop workflows and test technologies to deliver the best solution. This presentation defines and explains a variety of UAS capabilities and how end-users, technical teams, and project managers can use the technology.

Results/Lessons Learned

This presentation outlines the Parsons approach to unmanned aircraft integration within existing workflows, developing the use case for generating a return on investment (ROI), and how the technology is implemented across the company. Since the inception of the program in 2016, Parsons has learned from many experiences, resulting in an approach for deploying UAS to obtain the best results.

About The Presenter

Jeffrey Hong is a construction engineer with more than four years of experience working on federal, state, and local projects. He is knowledgeable about unmanned aircraft technology and applications and has a bachelor’s degree in Construction Management. He is a member of Parsons’ sUAS Governance Board, which determines the strategic direction of Parsons sUAS capabilities and investments.

About The Presenter

Robert Windell is a multidisciplinary geologist/ geophysicist with eight years of experience in the mining, manufacturing, and environmental industries. He has developed several methods to apply drone technologies to find solutions to complex problems.

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