Digitizing And Transforming Your Entire Capital Improvement Program

Over the past 75 years, Parsons has helped Capital Program Owners establish and execute some of the largest, most complex programs in the world. As computing technology has emerged and advanced, we have continuously innovated to help owners successfully deliver their programs.

Since the 1990s, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have taken advantage of technology advancements to digitize and transform back-office business functions like accounting, finance, manufacturing, and human resources. These systems, however, have consistently fallen short of the needs of Capital Program Owners who manage billions of dollars of multi-year infrastructure investments while collaborating with multiple internal and external stakeholders. This unfulfilled need drove the creation of another line of software product offerings and Parsons services known as Program (or Project) Management Information Systems (PMIS). 

Unfortunately, Capital Program Owners initially only had a few PMIS options to work with, which were limited to managing one project at a time rather than a portfolio of projects. These options were inflexible and unable to adapt the tool to business processes they managed. In response, we built data aggregation and presentation solutions on top of these commercial PMIS products, an innovative solution that helped programs better plan and forecasts their capital spend. We also implemented custom-built PMIS tools such as IMPACT® and Parsons Data System (PDS).

The next decade saw the emergence of enterprise-ready PMIS solutions, with tools that allowed for greater flexibility in creating and adjusting digitized business processes. They provided greater accessibility over the internet and mobile devices and improved integration capabilities with other systems. We brought further innovation by digitizing and automating 65+ business processes that go into the execution of a capital program rather than what was previously predominantly project controls, design management, or construction management focused.

We are now creating external data analytics solutions that pull information from multiple commercial and custom PMIS solutions and deliver business intelligence dashboards to executives and managers. One product, ParADIM®, uses advanced technology to create a digital twin with PMIS schedule, cost, design, and construction work information to give owners an immersive visual experience that relates key program information spatially.

Advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning allow us to better analyze and interpret the tremendous amount of PMIS data generated every day, providing owners better access to the most important program elements. Now is the right time to invest, or re-invest, in a PMIS solution to help you take advantage of technology that can digitize and transform your capital programs.

About The Author

Rob M. is a vice president and program manager at Parsons. He is a respected business and technology leader with more than 25 years of experience. Rob focuses on large capital infrastructure owner, program, and project success, and implements commercial and custom technology solutions.

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