Kubernetes – This Is The Way

Containers have revolutionized the way that we build and deploy software. However, initial efforts to manage containers at scale fell short, paving the way for the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s Kubernetes to fill the gap. The open source Kubernetes software quickly became the industry standard for container orchestration but has long been lauded as overly complex and difficult to manage.

While the Kubernetes ecosystem is complex, understanding the fundamentals help us build better software to run in a provider-agnostic way.

Kelly Gibson brings us a whirlwind tour of containers and the Kubernetes ecosystem, providing that fundamental baseline and showcasing some of Parsons’ work in the field. Containers at scale using Kubernetes? This is the way.


Meet The Presenter

Kelly Gibson comes to Parsons via a previous career as a systems engineer with rocket avionics and information systems. He joined Solidyn Solutions (later acquired by Polaris Alpha) to switch careers to Cloud and DevOps Engineering. Since then he has worked on a handful of different projects and expanded his Cloud Portfolio with nine AWS Certifications and a Kubernetes certification. Kelly now heads up the Cloud Services Team out of the Denver Tech Center office where he is also the Deputy Director of Space Architecture. In his spare time, Kelly enjoys Sporting Clay shooting, volunteering, and working on projects around his house.


Watch The Webinar:

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