Evolving Utility Infrastructure

We provide innovative solutions that help utilities deliver for their customers. Some look at the unprecedented changes facing utilities and see a challenge. Here, we see an opportunity. By digitizing systems and devices, connecting with the Internet of Things (IoT), and leveraging the latest technologies, utilities have a multitude of options for improving the safety, efficiency, and performance of their systems.

We can help utilities navigate complex challenges, from monitoring lines and visualizing the data, to adhering to the latest federal regulations.

We provide innovative solutions to utility customers around the world, helping overcome even the most complex challenges. From core services like project and construction management to our latest Grid Armor™ electric utility resilience solution, our team’s wide array of experience allows us to serve our customers as program development advisor; program/project manager; engineer-procure-construct (EPC); or engineer, designer, or builder.

We offer expert program management support for public and investor-owned electrical and natural gas transmission and distribution systems. Our “total solutions” approach to PMO utility projects, combined with our out-of-the-box thinking and real-world field experience has saved our clients hundreds of millions of dollars. Our PMO services include:

Electrical Technical Expertise:Gas Technical Expertise:
• Vegetation management
• Overhead to underground conversions
• Utility crossings
• Pole assessment and replacement
• Underground utility communication
• Load balancing
• Risk monitoring and reporting
• Switch and breaker replacements
• Line condition assessments
• Evacuations  

• Risk assessment
• Safety inspections
• Hydrostatic (stress) testing
• Traceability
• Cathodic protectionIn-line inspection
• Compressor station
• Material testing
• Pipe replacement and design
• Component repair and replacement
• System integrity protection
Strength testing  
As the independent engineer for the U.S. Department of Energy, we de-risked construction of the Ivanpah Project (pictured above and at the top of the page) in Nipton, California. Consisting of three solar thermal electric generating stations totaling approximately 370 MW, the project includes offtake agreements from Pacific Gas & Electric and Southern California Edison.

As the influence of technology grows, so does the threat of cyberattacks. New regulations from FERC/NERC and state regulators present a maze for utilities to navigate. As cybersecurity specialists for diverse government, commercial, and intelligence community customers, we serve the utility market as trusted cyber advisors, bringing new technologies and expertise honed by decades of work with the U.S. Government.

Our value-added services deliver the innovative, technology-driven solutions utilities need to reduce risk, improve safety, and find cost savings.

These services include:

  • Advanced data modeling and visualization
  • Smart Grid and IoT
  • Persistent Commissioning (PCx) for energy efficiency and preventive maintenance
  • Cybersecurity
  • Laser scanning
  • Drone line structure and sensitive wetland
  • Electronic field data recording
  • Facility Condition Assessment (FCA)
  • Renewables advisory services

Much of the infrastructure utilities rely on today are decades old. Power generation and distribution technology have not evolved at the same rate as nearly any other industry. We are here to help, with technology solutions that build resilience, streamline maintenance, and improve operations; and core services to design, build and maintain the grid while minimizing its impact on the environment.

Our teams have successfully managed programs of all shapes and sizes. With full-service offerings, no matter the complexity of your project, our team can help make it a success.

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