Disaster Response

Fast Response When You Need it Most

When disaster strikes, we assist with stabilization, recovery, and reconstruction. Parsons’ unique capabilities as a design-builder and our ability to rapidly mobilize resources worldwide has helped communities around the globe when they need it most—in the wake of earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornados, and wildfires. We pride ourselves on returning a sense of normalcy to devastated regions and rebuilding a sense of security.

Our multiple award-winning projects highlight why Parsons is one of the most recognized names in disaster relief and recovery:

  • Hurricane Sandy Recovery Projects, New York and New Jersey, United States
  • BP Deepwater Horizon Incident Response, Gulf Coasts of Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida, United States
  • Hurricane Katrina Recovery Projects, Louisiana, United States
  • Aceh Road/Bridge Reconstruction and Rehabilitation, Indonesia
  • Pentagon 9/11 Renovation Program Management, Washington, D.C., United States

Being Ready is Good Business

In addition to responding to disasters after they happen, we support communities by fortifying structures before a catastrophe has the chance to cause damage. We gather critical information regarding structural deficiencies for our customers and, if needed, rebuild structures. Our seismic vulnerability assessments of bridges and tunnels and our use of high-tech structural health monitoring techniques keep people safe and provide owners real, actionable information about the health and resiliency of their structures. When it comes to disaster response, recovery, and preparation, we keep communities connected with the world when it’s needed most and rebuild for a better tomorrow.

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