Intelligent NETworks®

Smart Roads That Tame the Wildest Commutes

Twenty-first-century smart mobility lets drivers put 20th-century commutes in the rearview mirror. Parsons’ Intelligent NETworks® (iNET) Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS) transforms urban communities by employing technology previously limited to our imaginations: real-time traffic monitoring, predictive analytics, active traffic management, integrated corridor management, dynamic device control, intelligent decision support, artificial intelligence, connected and autonomous vehicle integration, mobile applications, and free-language voice response. These combined capabilities deliver a true forward-looking smart cities platform.

iNET integrates revolutionary software with innovative hardware to enhance the management, efficiency, effectiveness, and safety of transportation networks. By using internet of things (IoT) technology, cloud computing, big data analytics, and dynamic visualizations, iNET realizes unified data environments that are the foundation of smart cities integration. Whether it’s a freeway, highway, toll road, transit route, tunnel, arterial road, or other transportation system, iNET’s solutions bring order to the most congested roads. By delivering transportation management through intelligent advanced functionality, iNET smart mobility technologies empower municipal transportation agencies and enable commuters globally from Los Angeles to Hong Kong to reclaim the time they spend in traffic so they can instead do the things they love.

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