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Sheikh Zayed Road, Interchange 5.5

Sheikh Zayed Road - United Arab Emirates

Preparing the way for success

Every successful project begins with a successful plan. Parsons leads the industry in providing planning services for diverse projects in a broad range of market sectors that span the globe. Whether we’re preparing a comprehensive military master plan for the Department of Defense or a complex modernization program for a pharmaceutical company, our depth of expertise ensures every project is on the path to success.

Parsons’ planning staff represent a full complement of professionals with experience in architecture, engineering, planning, and master planned communities. Our plans integrate traditional, progressive, and aggressive planning strategies to empower federal, state, regional, and commercial decision makers with the required tools to benefit from funding opportunities and achieve synergies of footprint reduction and leadership in environmental and energy design. We work with our customers to move them beyond the limits of their past by focusing on helping them progress into a sustainable future.

Building the foundation for victory

Since 1941, Parsons has prepared master plans—both classified and not—for all branches of the federal government. We have received multiple performance awards from military departments as well as the American Planning Association in recognition of our master planning work.

Parsons’ elevated level of performance is based on its extensive multinational experience:

  • BRAC programming and master planning
  • Army transformation planning
  • Stationing plans
  • Privatization studies
  • Technical manuals and regulations
  • Geographic information systems and geobase planning
  • Range management and development plans
  • Area development plans
  • Space utilization studies
  • Environmental compliance studies
  • Design guidelines
View of the Seattle-Tacoma terminal from outside

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport - Seattle, Washington

Developing the route to reach your destination

We use our skills to ensure that—when completed—the project will operate as intended. Parsons’ design, design-build, and construction engineering assignments sometimes begin as transportation planning projects. We have prepared transportation plans for every major U.S. metropolitan area and many other cities around the globe. Typically, we develop the “preferred alternative” in this front-end work—giving us intimate knowledge of the solution as it advances to later phases of the design process.

Our planners are long-term strategists who focus on making every plan constructible, cost-effective, and acceptable to the public. We apply this same long-range focus whether the goal is a local traffic study, a statewide operational plan, a multimodal corridor assessment, or a regional plan for a national government.

We are working on the Regional Shore Infrastructure Plan (RSIP) in Southwest Asia for the Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC). The RSIP is a comprehensive master plan containing numerous documents and supporting component studies, including development plans for waterfront and air operations logistics facilities, traffic studies, housing analyses, and warehouse analyses, comprehensive neighborhood plans, activity overview plans, and outlying area master plans.

Parsons’ expert planning sets the stage as a project progresses toward implementation and startup. Our seasoned professionals supply the technical expertise that enables decision makers to deliver on their promises, while our hands-on experience ensures that our customers will meet all required regulatory processes.