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Information Technology

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Inspection System

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Inspection Services - New Jersey

We save our customers time, money, and resources

Our top priority is creating a successful customer. Parsons provides effective and competitive information technology (IT) services in diverse market sectors for a wide range of projects. Our full service capabilities, technology-based tools, and innovative solutions help our customers achieve their goals—and their success reinforces our position as an industry leader.

Parsons delivers effective and innovative IT solutions that resolve today’s most complex business challenges faced by our clients and partners. Applying deep and broad IT expertise, Parsons ensures that services and solutions meet the specific needs of each client and partner. Our ideas set us apart. Whether you are looking for our facility condition and energy modeling system eCOMET™, or our cost-effective program control system IMPACT™, rest assured that you are working with an award-winning team that is recognized at the top of the industry for our innovative, stable, and reliable systems. We can deliver these solutions to you.

Our team has the top talent in our industry; our processes and methodologies set the standard; and systems solutions truly differentiate Parsons from the rest.  Trust us with your biggest challenges.

Our information technology services include:

  • Business process analysis and solution development
  • Strategic consulting 
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Network infrastructure design and lifecycle planning
  • Rapid office deployment and connectivity
  • Geospatial information systems
  • Simulation techniques 
Data Management Workflow

Data management planning

Knowledge is power

Parsons stays a step ahead of the competition by applying its expertise of the business processes to a wide variety of market sectors from defense and energy to healthcare and transportation.  Our multidisciplined professionals are also skilled in stakeholder management, process development, and IT systems implementation. In fact, our successful track record is derived from our efficient, IT-based solutions.

Data management is a holistic or integrated process—it is not just the application of task-specific software and systems engineering tools. Effective information technology services require a comprehensive understanding of an organization’s business practices. We become competent in how to revise our customers' processes based on existing and state-of-the-art IT systems and methodologies application so that we can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our client’s business processes and needs.

Constant improvement equals consistent success

Parsons creates innovative solutions to improve our processes and ensure our customers’ success. From project startup, we develop our solutions in conjunction with the customers’ stakeholders to ensure they receive the maximum return on investment and a sustained life cycle through the required technology updates. Our innovative organizational processes of programs and IT-based tools have many applications:

  • Intelligence, counterintelligence, and homeland security services
  • Program control and management
  • Facilities condition and energy analysis, assessment, and modeling
  • Construction management
  • Data lifecycle and management
  • Spatial information management
  • Environmental liability reporting