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Photo of Customs and Border Patrol officer checking documents

Customs and Border Patrol officer checks documents at the Sweetgrass MT point of entry

Safeguarding our nation

Over the recent years, the need has increased for federal, state, and local agencies to mitigate anticipated threats more effectively by conducting vulnerability assessments, risk analyses, emergency preparedness, response planning, training, and other security-related activities.  We assist our customers in saving lives, alleviating damage and hardship, and reducing future vulnerability by protecting the public’s health, safety, and property.  In fact, we build a more resilient nation and safeguard our critical infrastructure by mitigating incidents and countering threats.

Parsons has designed, constructed, and operated several highly secure facilities that handle dangerous materials. We’ve been on the front line of security programs, including work on the largest transportation system in the United States—New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority. We’ve established and improved security at a wide range of facilities with critical 24/7 operations, including major airports, chemical demilitarization plants, and high-level radioactive waste storage and mitigation facilities.

Parsons’ comprehensive security services include:

  • Rail and transit systems. We develop vulnerability/threat-risk assessments and safety/security preparedness plans in accordance with the guidelines of the Federal Transit Administration and the Federal Railroad Administration.
  • Intelligence and homeland defense and protection. We offer physical, personnel, information security, material control and accountability, and protection program management.
  • National intelligence. We assist the customer in collecting, analyzing, and disseminating national intelligence.
  • Preparedness and response. These functions include determining the continuity of operations and the government, as well as notification, training, and resiliency preparation.
  • Nuclear detection. This process involves the systems engineering of newly developed sensors and systems deployed nationwide at all U.S. ports of entry.

Security now and into the future

Our security experience allows us to protect our nation now and into the future. Parsons has procured and installed physical security equipment as well as accomplished chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosives threat mitigation using our total systems engineering approach. We’ve manufactured one-of-a-kind equipment used in chemical weapons demilitarization and nuclear waste storage/treatment processes and have provided all related safety and emergency training, maintenance, logistics, and life support. Our experience has taught us to keep one eye on the future. Whatever challenge might arise—cyber security issues, nuclear terror, or biochemical threats—Parsons is well positioned to respond.