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Asset Management

View of Tinker AFB from above

Tinker Air Force Base - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Mission-driven solutions

Asset management enables a customer to make decisions about which properties to keep, which to divest, and how to invest funds in order to acquire new resources and improve existing ones. Parsons’ systematic and integrated asset management practices administer natural and manmade assets and their associated performance, risk, and expenditures over the life cycle of a project. Our business processes are effective because they let us apply information technology solutions that support our customers’ current and future mission requirements.

Parsons’ asset management services focus on several tasks that highlight various disciplines:

  • Evaluate and revise financial reporting requirements.
  • Assist with new federal regulations of the Governmental Accounting Standards Board.
  • Analyze aging infrastructures, failing systems, and outdated facilities.
  • Develop computer applications for utility management, billing, geographic information systems, and hydrologic modeling.
  • To enhance our customers’ capabilities, apply appropriate discipline-specific techniques:  facility condition assessment (FCA), project management, financial management and forecasting, maintenance management, real property management, space occupancy management, and environmental compliance.

The following asset management services reduce costs and increase performance so we can capitalize on best-in-class processes and technologies:

  • Business process analyses
  • Information technology and systems integration
  • Workflow and business procedures
  • Legacy systems and system/content migration
  • Data capture and database population
  • Training
  • Onsite staffing
  • Technical support services

Parsons’ professionals make the difference—especially when our answers solve our customers' problems. We help municipal and federal customers create affordable, workable, and politically viable solutions by teaming our managers with the government’s financial, managerial, institutional, and technological professionals. Our managers and scientific/engineering personnel assist our customers in preparing their infrastructure inventories, performing condition assessments, and organizing utility management.

Parsons’ core asset management personnel know the issues and create the solutions. For example, in the area of sustaining our natural resources, we overcome the challenge of knowledge transfer by working with the Environmental Protection Agency to sponsor workshops built around actual case studies and participant exercises, resulting in the development of asset management’s “best practices” that reflect the requirements of the government’s missions and organizational structures. Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma exemplifies the support Parsons provided for the initial planning, development, and implementation of Pathfinder, the Air Forces’ asset management business practices and future sustainment tool. Pathfinder will provide all levels of the Air Force with visibility to asset information because Pathfinder supports everything from strategic planning to acquisition through divesture.