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U.S. Navy Guam Base Operation Support Services

Polaris Point, Guam

Parsons provides mission-critical support to the U.S. Navy.

Trusted by the U.S. Navy for Base Operations

Parsons is responsible for a highly complex, mission-critical base operations and support contract with the U.S. Navy. Our job as a member of a joint venture with Day & Zimmerman, Lockheed Martin, and First Support Services is to help manage high-value assets of the naval port, including ordnance and state-of-the-art communications and electronics equipment. We are providing base-operations services; design, engineering, and concept studies; and operations and management services for Navy forces in Guam.

Providing the Resources for Staffing and Prevention

Parsons has a long history developing staffing plans for large-scale projects. As staffing needs on this project progressed, Parsons developed a plan suitable to all 700 employees, each with diverse professional and craft labor skills. Our plan included business protocols, a computer-based maintenance-management system, and a cost-management system. To facilitate the transition into a new program, we conducted a baseline survey of all government material and equipment on base.

Typhoons and tornadoes are a constant threat during Guam’s rainy season and, if certain precautions are not taken, they can cause major destruction of infrastructure. Parsons and the joint venture took many preventative measures to prepare for natural disasters. For example, when Tropical Storm Saomai hit, Parsons provided contingency response preparations, including manning command posts and securing all facilities and equipment. This contingency response also provided preparation, execution, and recovery operations while maintaining continuous utility operations. As a result of our efforts, we were able to move eight ships safely out of port.

Leading in Sustainability, Safety, and Solutions

Parsons is supporting the base’s sustainability efforts through environmental compliance and operations.

  • Sustainability through compliance. To ensure the base is environmentally compliant, we performed NPDES reporting and EPRCA reporting, and we provided pollution-prevention measures, NEPA oil management, PCB management, and AST/UST management programs.
  • Sustainability through our operations. We supported solid waste permitting and reporting, all RCA permits, and hazardous waste and spill cleanup. Also, we finalized and environmental baseline survey and presented it to the Navy in just eight months.

The joint-venture operates and manages the Navy’s safety and occupational health program in Guam, which includes all the Navy’s occupational safety and health requirements.

  • Site-specific safety plan. By using our very own Sharp/Start program as a basis, we were able to develop and implement a site-specific safety plan for all contract work elements.
  • Inspections and programs. We conducted daily NAVOSH inspections and implemented specific safety programs, such as asbestos control, PPE, and lead control.
Ship coming into port - Guam

U.S. Naval Base, Guam

One of our innovations, a new water/oil separator, enabled us to safely send over 70,000 gallons of oily wastewater from ships through a sewage treatment plant. We were able to sell the separated oil to the Guam Power Authority for use by its power plants, and the heavy sludge was sold to a local asphalt plant for use in road-surfacing construction.

Providing Partnering Excellence and Exceptional Services

Recently, the Navy gave us an exceptional rating on our overall performance and small-business subcontracting. We were recognized for communications and partnering and for our continued efforts in the areas of cost control and savings, overall responsiveness to government requests, continued improvement in the procurement process, and exceptional NHE maintenance support to the fleet.