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Ministry of Housing Infrastructure Program, Various Locations, Saudi Arabia

Ministry of Housing Infrastructure Program

Royal Decree

Faced with a critical shortage of affordable housing for its population, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has embarked on an ambitious plan to provide up to 500,000 housing units throughout the Kingdom over the next few years at a planned cost of roughly 500 billion Saudi Riyals. The Ministry of Housing (MOH) Infrastructure Program will develop the sites and all landscaping and infrastructure, leaving vertical construction to developers.

In 2011, and through a subsequent contract amendment, Saudi Arabian Parsons Limited (SAPL) partnered with the Ministry to tackle the largest sites planned for development—17 separate community sites totaling nearly 74 million m² of land supporting about 92,000 apartments and villas. The communities will ultimately include mosques, medical facilities, schools, police stations, parks, landscaped open spaces, commercial/retail development, electrical substations, and sewage treatment plants to provide complete and modern communities attractive to Saudi citizens.

Scope of Work

SAPL is undertaking data collection, urban master planning, complete technical design, and full construction supervision of all infrastructure and landscaping for our assigned sites, which range in size from roughly 1 million m² to 10 million m² and are spread out from Tabouk in the north to Khamis Mushayt in the south and from Dammam in the east to Jeddah in the west.

During the initial phase of the program, SAPL assisted the Ministry with creating the program management infrastructure in the form of an integrated management system of policies and procedures, standardized reports, development control guidelines, design technical details, and document templates that would apply to SAPL projects and to smaller projects developed by others. These tools enable the Ministry to manage all of its projects in a standardized and professional manner.

SAPL’s MOH team has partnered with talent management in an aggressive recruiting and mobilization effort. The result is an MOH team of highly skilled professionals from around the world. Targeted team strength will peak at about 1,200 members.

Potable water tank wall, Riyadh

Potable water tank wall, Riyadh

Accomplishments and Performance

Our most important asset is our people. Our team has an extensive knowledge base and deep-rooted professionalism, and we strive to be the preferred consultant in the region. Our team represents the best talent from 25 different nations—nearly 50% from the Middle East with more than 10% being Saudi citizens. Saudization (job nationalization) is a very important goal for Saudi Arabia and consequently for Parsons. We are fully committed to recruit and retain the best talent in the nation.

Our team works together to get the job done as quickly as possible without compromising safety or quality. We have strived to establish deep relationships with the Ministry at all levels. We look forward to continuing in the same manner to achieve program success.

Ministry of Housing Infrastructure Program

Ministry of Housing Infrastructure Program

As of Today

Because this program is one of the Kingdom’s highest social priorities, the Ministry desired to fast-track the master planning and design of our first 11 sites by 2012 and award the construction contracts all at one time. This schedule prompted a massive mobilization effort involving staff, field offices, and supporting infrastructure at sites across the Kingdom. We now have about 900 managers, engineers, architects, schedulers, cost estimators, document controllers, technical writers, administrators, inspectors, and surveyors in our field offices and in the Riyadh program management office. Specific highlights include:

  • Twelve sites are now under construction; one is being tendered.
  • Our engineering team has reviewed and processed thousands of submittals and shop drawings in support of site construction.
  • We are fast-tracking the design of four mega sites totaling about 35 million m².
  • We have executed a robust training and institutional strengthening program designed around the needs of the Ministry.

By Year End

The remaining sites will be tendered, and our staff will grow to more than 1,000, ultimately reaching 1,200. We will hand the sites over to developers beginning in 2015.

Project Site Details


Name of Project

Total Area


Name of Project

Total Area


Riyadh Airport

5,000,471 m²




 1,098,155 m²



1,505,254 m²



Qateef Badrani

 1,171,877 m²


Al Ehsaa

 1,841,961 m²



Khamis Musheet

 5,070,000 m²


Al Kharj

 2,534,781 m²




 4,176,000 m²


Dammam North

 3,934,234 m²



Dammam Airport

 10,000,000 m²


Dammam South

 5,901,351 m²



Qassim Buraidah

 10,000,000 m²


Jeddah North

 1,235,004 m²



Jeddah Hijrah 1

 9,544,000 m²


Jeddah South

 2,675,225 m²



Jeddah Hijrah 2

 6,213,000 m²


Jeddah Airport

 1,999,999 m²

Water leakage testing, Jeddah Airport

Water leakage testing, Jeddah Airport

The Future

Because the current scope addresses only a fraction of the requirement, the Ministry will be developing residential solutions for decades. Based on our customer’s satisfaction with our team’s professionalism in the deployment and management of 1,200 construction management professionals on 17 project sites across a large country, we intend to be a key member of this program for the indefinite future.