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Doha, Qatar

Qatar Foundation, Education City, CM/CS

A Foundation for Education

Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF) is a private, nonprofit organization that serves the people of Qatar by supporting and operating programs in three core mission areas:  education, science and research, and community development. The Foundation strives to nurture the future leaders of Qatar. Through example and by sharing its experience, QF also contributes to human development nationally, regionally, and internationally. In all of its activities, QF promotes a culture of excellence in Qatar and furthers its role in supporting an innovative and progressive society that aspires to develop sustainable human capacity to deliver social and economic prosperity within a knowledge-based economy.

Oxygen Park, Education City, Doha, Qatar

Oxygen Park

Education City, QF’s flagship development, is a mixed-use facility measuring 15 km², including eight branch campuses of elite international universities.

Parsons was hired to provide program construction management and construction supervision (CM/CS) services. In this role, Parsons is responsible for integrating, managing, coordinating, administering, and facilitating the execution of the 15 projects assigned as our scope within the overall development of the Education City master plan. Key elements include:

  • Change management
  • Construction management
  • Contracts management and administration
  • Cost management and cost estimating
  • Documentation management
  • Health, safety, and environmental (HSE) management
  • Integration and interface management
  • Project submittals management, review, approval, and processing
  • QA/QC management
  • Risk management
  • Schedule and time management

Promoting Success

Parsons’ cadre of seasoned professionals and our wealth of best practices and lessons learned form the foundation of our ability and understanding of how to execute large, complex programs—an essential ingredient of our contribution to this program’s success. Setting up processes and procedures during development of the project management plan in the program’s early stages was crucial to establishing how to manage and deliver the program to the customer’s satisfaction.

Hiring and mobilizing staff to achieve on-time personnel deployment required administrative agility because it was often done with short notice in a highly competitive labor market. Our clear and commonsense processes, established early on, enabled us to meet project deadlines and allowed team members to perform their duties easily and efficiently.

We provided safety guidance for all projects, engaging more safety staff than originally planned as we collaborated with our customer to implement Safety, Health, and Risk Management Program (ESHARP) guidelines. This approach mapped the way for successful delivery of projects that meet our customer’s safety requirements.

Northeast Underground Car Park with landscaped roof terrace, Education City, Doha, Qatar

Northeast Underground Car Park with landscaped terrace on roof

Collaborative Environment

Integrity and professional behavior were instrumental in gaining the customer’s trust. We solved onsite challenges by offering suggestions, proposals, and recommendations to our customer for areas of work not covered by the design or that contained conflicting information. In addition, our design team provided a wealth of solutions for customer consideration as project requirements evolved, demonstrating how the new demands could fit within the project’s overall design.

Using our proprietary PAR-LINK® document management and collaboration system, we created a database to simplify and facilitate document control operations. PAR-LINK’s cloud-based common-access portal consolidates program data and delivers real-time information through a secure network. This system is being used for all new projects, and the database will be held electronically for the life of the program.

Parsons’ key contributions—on-time workforce deployment, ESHARP-based HSE approach, and integration of effort with customer representatives built around trust and our “one team” philosophy—have bolstered our value to the program. We are playing a central role in the development of one of the most prestigious projects in Qatar, and across the entire Middle East Africa (MEA) region. Parsons’ experience, dedication, integrity, and capabilities have added recognized benefits as we continue to work toward ensuring successful project delivery.