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New Jersey Motor Vehicle Inspection Services (MVIS)

Inspector giving results to drive beside his black SUV

New Jersey Motor Vehicle Inspection Services - New Jersey

Award-Winning Vehicle Inspection Program Improves Air Quality

The State of New Jersey trusts Parsons to design, build, operate, and maintain the state's hybrid centralized motor vehicle emission and safety inspection program: Clean Air New Jersey. To ensure that the state's needs are met completely, Parsons has established a thriving office in Lawrenceville, New Jersey.

When New Jersey handed over the reigns of its centralized inspection facilities to Parsons in 1998, Parsons increased the number of centralized stations and inspection lanes. Parsons also retrofitted the stations with state-of-the-art emission and safety inspection equipment and designed a computerized vehicle information database to report and track all inspection records. The $13 million public awareness program implemented by Parsons informs motorists of the need for emissions inspections.

In addition to inspecting approximately 2.3 million vehicles annually, Parsons is responsible for maintaining 121 inspection lanes at 29 state-owned inspection facilities. At each station, Parsons provides service to motorists 55 hours per week, Monday through Saturday. On a daily basis, Parsons hires and trains program personnel and operates an inbound call center that features a unique appointment system capable of handling more than 1,000 inspection appointments per day.

View of the lanes in the inspection center

Lanes in an inspection center

Parsons' contribution to the success of Clean Air New Jersey is quantifiable and significant. Customer service levels and inspector productivity have increased since the beginning of the program. Inspection wait times have decreased dramatically, reduced to an average of less than 15 minutes. Parsons has provided a flawless implementation of the new OBDII emissions test to the New Jersey program—an integral part of the state's continued focus on air quality and the health and welfare of its residents.