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Lusail Development Project

Lusail Development Project (artist’s rendering)

Lusail Development Project
Doha, Qatar

Establishing an Iconic 21st Century City

In 2006, Lusail Real Estate Development Company (LREDC) began creating Lusail Development, a 38-km² site that is 15 km north of Doha, the capital of Qatar. This new project helps diversify Qatar’s economy and enhances its image as a distinctive city that celebrates the region’s unique cultural and geographical heritage. This vibrant and spacious master-planned urban community will have a coherent and self-sustaining mix of residential, commercial, retail, hospital, resort, and entertainment venues.

LREDC hired Parsons (and others) to assist in the design, planning, and construction of this community, known as Lusail City. Parsons is responsible for program management during the preconstruction and construction phases. For bidding purposes, the deliverables for the Lusail Development Project are divided into construction packages and, as program manager, we are overseeing four project elements:

  • Primary infrastructure (12 packages)
    • 21.5 km of roads and highways, including one bridge and five underpasses
    • 39.5 km of pipes for potable water firefighting
    • 34.1 km of stormwater drainage and five pumping stations
    • 36.8 km of irrigation channels
    • 518,000 m² of hard landscaping and 409,000 m² of soft landscaping
    • 40.5 km of 66-kV cables and 69.9 km of 11-kV cables
    • Three 66/11-kV substations and twelve 11/0.4-kV substations
    • 1,048 lampposts
    • 42.4 km of telecommunications cables
    • 14 km of utility tunnels
  • Marine earthworks and site preparation (1 package)
  • Underground car parks (1 package)
  • Sewage treatment plant and networks (1 package)

To date, substantial infrastructure work has been accomplished at Lusail City.

Satellite image of Lusail Development

Satellite image of Lusail Development

Parsons is managing the consultants and contractors, and we have developed and are implementing quality procedures to ensure that the approved methods are followed in work execution. We are also instrumental in schedule and budget control, and we have developed a proven strategy for executing upcoming projects within the development.

Serving as a Model for Sustainability

Through environmentally responsive protection policies and a controlled development strategy, Lusail City will generate significant economic diversification as it strengthens Qatar’s tourism sector, transforming existing raw tidal flats into a valuable product that highlights sustainable features:

  • Energy and water conservation
  • Indoor environmental quality
  • Cogeneration
  • Renewable energy
  • Alternative transportation
  • Reduced trucking distance
  • Reuse of construction spoils for fill

In June 2010, LREDC implemented its new method for rating green buildings: the Qatar Sustainability Assessment System (QSAS). This procedure, developed specifically for Qatar, ensures that all commercial, residential, and school projects in Lusail City follow the defined requirements to receive QSAS certification.

Hosting World’s Most Notable International Tournament

On December 2, 2010, Qatar was selected as the World Cup’s location for the 2022 FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association), making it the first Arabian country to host football’s (soccer’s) most important and most widely viewed international tournament. Lusail City will play a major role during the 2022 FIFA World Cup by housing thousands of visitors and hosting related events.

An iconic structure, Lusail National Stadium will be constructed for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, and it will host the opening and final games. Solar energy will power the cooling system for the Lusail Stadium—resulting in a zero carbon footprint. The stadium will have an almost circular base, surrounded by a moat and connected by six bridges to the parking area.

One of Largest Commercial Projects in Middle East

When completed, Lusail City will feature 19 distinctive districts offering a wide range of facilities:

  • Blue-water lagoon with
    two marinas
  • 25,000 residential units
    housing 175,000 people
  • High- and low-rise buildings
  • 36 schools
  • State-of-the-art hospital
  • Underground metro link to
    new Doha rail network
  • Commercial districts and
    mixed-use areas
  • 2 golf courses
  • Retail, leisure, and
    entertainment district and

Parsons’ staff has maintained a perfect safety record while working more than 348,000 hours since project startup on October 22, 2006. Four years later, our staff celebrated an impressive safety milestone by working 1,461 days without a lost-time accident.

Parsons supports LREDC as it constructs a distinctive 21st century iconic city. Our project management skills have been essential to LREDC’s success in creating this Arabian showpiece. The project has already won multiple awards for blending ultramodern, sustainable techniques into Qatar’s culturally rich heritage. Lusail City serves as the model for city design and construction throughout the region.