Advanced Mobile Network Measurement Solutions Including 5G Cellular Networks

Mobile Network Measuring Tools

The Qp2™ mobile network measuring tools run directly on your handset. They are designed for PC-less drive and walk surveys.

With Qp2™ you do not need custom test devices and firmware. This means that you can be assured to see the network exactly as your customers see it.

Having Qp2™ run on commercial phones not only saves you from spending on expensive custom hardware, but also allows you to easily transfer licenses between phones.

Automatic software updates guarantee that you are always running the latest software.


Qp2™ is an extremely versatile hand-held cellular protocol measurement tool. Qp2™ comes pre-installed on various commercially available Android devices.* Qp2™ allows a user to perform the most thorough hand-held measurements in the industry.


Qp2-Pro™ introduces new methods of enabling users conducting surveys and optimizing equipment. This includes features such as remote start and Logging, real-time location monitoring, cloud-based logging and transferable licensing.

All Qp2-Pro™ products include cloud on-line service. In addition to providing storage and automatic syncing of device settings and log files, Qp2-Pro™ devices can be controlled via the cloud. The cloud service provides an easy-to-use UI for creating and managing device configurations, tests, results and maps, which can all be synchronized with Qp2-Pro™ devices.

Key Benefits

  • Ultimate flexibility on license
  • 5G ready
  • Lossless log file
  • Flexible and easy to use UI
  • Voice call testing
  • Data transfer testing
  • IP packet capture
  • Indoor/Outdoor testing

Collection Modes*

  • CDMA 1XRTT/2000
  • EVDO
  • GSM
  • GSM Layer 3
  • CDMA/EVDO Layer 3
  • Wi-Fi
  • WCDMA Layer 3
  • LTE
  • LTE Layer 3
  • Bluetooth
  • 5G

*Capabilities vary between various phone models, please contact sales for more information.


The Qp2-Server™ is a localized cloud deployment on a virtual machine, allowing for unit data integrity, operational security, and data control. All of which will significantly increase your organization’s resilience to cyber threat and ability to control the flow of information internal to an organization. Qp2-Server™ provides for a user managed localized cloud, allowing for the positive control of data and ensuring information is protected both in transit and throughout storage.

Mobile Network Measuring Tools

Integration With Qp2-Pro™

  • Log files can be automatically uploaded to Qp2-Server™
  • Push all measurement settings to Qp2-Pro™
  • Push planned drive routes to Qp2-Pro™
  • Load indoor maps from Qp2-Server™

Qp2-Server™ Features

  • Automatic file upload and automated data storage for all drive test files, hosted locally on your server
  • License management tool allows user full control on purchased licenses: Transfer licenses between phones, pull licenses, and license usage
  • Remote device configuration and management of all connected Qp2-Pro™ devices
  • Built in measurement file exports including: DCode Log File Format, MapInfo, CSV, and others
  • Designed using Oracle Virtualbox and installable on both Linux/ Windows platforms


Qp2 Connect™ is compatible with most Qualcomm based Android devices, including non-rooted phones and is a self-contained device which includes user guides, installation files, and license.

Qp2-Connect™ Features

  • Transferable Licensing
  • Support for “Off-the-Shelf” non-rooted devices
  • Includes full Qp2™ license

*Parsons complies with all applicable Trade Compliance regulations. Some of Parsons products may require an authorization from the U.S. Government before they are exported.

Disclaimer: Parsons is a global company operating through various named legal entity subsidiaries. The company’s successful acquisitions have led us to become a leading disruptive technology company in the critical infrastructure, defense, and intelligence markets.

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