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GreenFish™ is a small form factor spectrum awareness solution. Leveraging an NVIDIA Volta GPU paired with a CPU, AI, and DSP techniques are accelerated, exposing hidden insights from RF spectrum observations. GreenFish™ quickly discovers known and unknown signals, alerting you to specific Signals of Interest. GreenFish™ will support online learning and knowledge-sharing capabilities between connected units, facilitating a system of sensors approach to employment.

From the instant the solution is introduced to the environment, GreenFish™ commences fully autonomous detection and measurement of high speed-high pulse count signals. Signal data are then extracted, and a swarm of GPU accelerated, intelligent agents rapidly assemble the fragments needed to provide relevant and real-time information. GreenFish™ aligns with current DoD artificial intelligence ethical principles.

GreenFish™ uses interpretable machine learning to associate patterns in the EMS, allowing user-defined signal tagging.

As the system learns how to detect new signals, these learned detection capabilities can be rapidly transferred between systems via minimal data transfer without interrupting their operation. The transference of learned spectrum characteristics ensures consistent spectrum awareness is maintained across a larger area of operations.

By employing an open architecture and web-based communications standards, the GreenFish™ is designed to provide an RF “layer” to common operating pictures for web-sharable responsive visualization.


  • AI-based signal processing
  • Low SWaP
  • Transferable knowledge base
  • Continuous spectrum sampling and learning
  • Agile emitter detection
  • Known and unknown signal discovery
  • Alerts to specific signals or signatures
  • 3D Spectrogram Viewer

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