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Dfuze® is an Intelligence Management System that contains databases and fields that either the user or Subject Matter Experts define. It is quick and easy to add data and media of any kind via desktop or smart device and by using the linking feature, searching the data is fast and simple.

Intelligence Management System

In time-critical operations, getting the right information to the right people is vital. Users gather information directly from the scene. Using Dfuze® Mobile together with our suite of deployed tools the user can exploit imagery, create or stream video or attach any type of document. Situational awareness is greatly enhanced allowing teams to understand the who, why, what, where, when, and how of every incident. With in-built mapping tools, Commanders can monitor their assets on the ground wherever in the world they may be.

Key Capabilities

  • Brings together the Dfuze® Suite of products
  • Allows for quick decision making
  • Full Audit trail and compliance features
  • Bar code scanning and evidence tracking
  • Powerful linking feature allows fast search results
  • Exploits text in gathered imagery
  • Add any type of data or media
  • Configurable and flexible
  • Multilingual
  • Facial recognition
  • Enables fully encrypted sharing of data
  • Stream any screen live

Dfuze® Net

Data is accessed securely via any web browser on multiple devices anywhere in the world.

A built-in Command Control interface allows users to view the location of incidents and operators that are connecting to the secure server using Dfuze® Mobile or OnSiteC2. Command Control creates a common operating picture where intelligence is fused with operations in near-real-time. The image viewing feature enables high powered zooming, color inversion, greyscale filter, rotation, and side by side comparison.

Intelligence Management System

Key Capabilities

  • Internet/Intranet connection to the central server allows secure access from anywhere in the world to perform data entry and analysis
  • 256bit SSL Encryption to protect valuable data
  • Comprehensive Administration Suite
  • Fully translatable user interface
  • Convert existing electronic data and files into manageable, searchable and dynamic intelligence
  • Download multiple pieces of media from Dfuze® Net
  • Create records, links and attach any type of electronic media
  • C2 mapping system to monitor incidents and assets

Dfuze® Mobile

When used with the Dfuze® suite, commanders and support teams can monitor Dfuze® Mobile assets and associate all their incoming data with the active operation. The operational overview enhances the decision-making process, allowing quality decisions to be made rapidly – collaboration at your fingertips. Available on a range of devices and operating systems.

Intelligence Management System

Key Capabilities

  • Access Dfuze® data from anywhere in the world
  • Connect securely to Wi-Fi, cellular data or satellite
  • Create and search incidents from the field
  • Automatically link data from scene to incident
  • Data is immediately viewable from Dfuze® Enterprise and Dfuze® Net accounts
  • Monitor assets in near-real-time for a common operating picture

Dfuze® Dashboards

  • Access, visualize and analyze data from multiple sources.
  • The application is accessible via thick client or web browser, and when used with the Dfuze® suite, can visually exploit all data.
  • Data query and visualization enables users to comprehend complex relationships between data sets to perform ad-hoc queries against disparate sources.
  • Graphics-based knowledge editor is used in trend analysis and identifying patterns in historical data sources.
  • Dfuze® Dashboards can be quickly configured without writing a line of code. The design feature is advantageous in environments with rapidly evolving requirements, legacy data sources, and applications.
Intelligence Management System

Key Capabilities

  • Accessible on thick client or web browser
  • Comprehend complex relationships with the data query and visualization feature
  • Trend and pattern analysis
  • Integrates with 3rd party applications
  • Quickly configurable to adapt to evolving requirements, legacy data sources, and applications
  • Net-centric enterprise architecture


Coupling intelligent system monitoring with video capture and device streaming capabilities, OverC2 enables users to view live video streams on a variety of platforms (tablet, mobile, desktop) for autonomous mission management from a safe location. As part of the Dfuze® suite, OverC2 offers robust security within a proven framework, allowing for efficient encryption and safe sharing of live and legacy video streams (via Live Dfuze® Database) and intelligence with other Dfuze® users—regardless of platform, operating system, or location.

Use the whole of device streaming to share feeds from drones, robots, or any attached cameras or devices.

Key Capabilities

  • Offers support system for frontline operations
  • Mobile and rapidly deployable
  • Tracks assets and activities via Command Control
  • Rapidly configurable for all traditional frontline assets
  • Provides the ability to create a mobile CCTV station, including aerial streaming
  • Drives swifter and more effective deployment of resources for improved speed, accuracy, and safety in the field
  • Offers visualization of multiple live streams from any scene to any screen


An incident management tool used in mobile command posts that provides geographical locations of assets.

The common operating picture allows the team to plan, communicate, and act more quickly, safely, and effectively. A proven ‘on the ground solution’ allows a user to create an incident, share data with command control, locate operatives, and oversee the operation from start to finish.

Intelligence Management System

Key Capabilities

  • Send location to Dfuze® server using GPS or by marking the location on a map
  • Designate “Watch Folders” which automatically detect and upload any data placed in them
  • Share any permitted data with an incident
  • View imagery from other scenes
  • Create an incident directly from OnSite C2
  • Monitor the location of all ground users, or only those assigned to an operation
  • Finely tune settings to match the current situation; ensuring only necessary data is seen
  • Transfers complete SD cards preserving source material

We Are Here To Serve You

Get trained by the people who know our intelligence management system software the best. ISS Global offers an increasing array of certification programs on our most widely used software packages. Contact ISS Global today to find out more about what these training programs can do for you.

Live Stream Critical Data From A Drone To Dfuze® Command Control

Certification Offerings

The following certification courses are offered. Courses are available on other ISS Global programs with no certification. Training for the Dfuze® Intelligence Management System consists of a phased approach and is dependent upon the environment at a given customer. Courses offered include an overview of each platform, as well as in-depth training on data entry, search, and analysis. An administrator’s course is also offered for users that will be managing the system. The administrator’s course includes installation and setup, user management, customization, and troubleshooting. Training courses are often included in the initial purchase of the software and can be requested at any time.

Dfuze® Introductory Training (2 Days)

• User Administration
• Data Entry and Linking
• Attaching Media
• Image Analysis Tools
• Data Searching
• Data Transmission
• Reports and Charting

Dfuze® Net Introductory Training (1 Day)

• User Administration
• Data Entry and Linking
• Attaching Media
• Image Analysis Tools
• Data Searching
• Mapping and Command Control
• Reports

Dfuze® Mobile Introductory Training (1 Day)

• User Administration
• Data Entry
• Attaching Media
• Data Searching
• Mapping and Command Control

Dfuze® Administrator Training (1 Day)

• Installation and Setup
• User Account Management
• Password Management
• Configuration of Media Store
• Security Management
• Customization
• Record Groups
• User Groups
• Prospect Administration
• Virtual Store Administration


“The Dfuze® system is a dynamically developing user-friendly program which is indispensable during the exchange of real-time information and in particular among encrypted data users.”Col Imre Kiss, Head of the Hungarian National Police Bomb Disposal Unit

With many countries worldwide now utilizing the system it also allows for the easy transfer of encrypted data between users that may otherwise have proven to be problematic. The service and support provided for Dfuze® by ISS Global are outstanding.” – Systems Admin, UKPNBDC

“Dfuze® is an adaptable, versatile, and implausible system that is very highly regarded within the PSNI, and ISS Global has provided us with excellent service and support.– Systems Admin, CiFEx Dfuze®

*Parsons complies with all applicable Trade Compliance regulations. Some of Parsons products may require an authorization from the U.S. Government before they are exported.

Disclaimer: Parsons is a global company operating through various named legal entity subsidiaries. The company’s successful acquisitions have led us to become a leading disruptive technology company in the critical infrastructure, defense, and intelligence markets.

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