Molding the Guardians of National Security

Parsons is an incubator for cultivating the cyber warriors of U.S. national security. For more than 30 years we’ve been entrusted to protect our nation’s most sensitive secrets and critical infrastructure, delivering innovative, disruptive and precision cybersecurity solutions. With countless years of experience, our employees work behind the scenes to defend against threats known and unknown. It all starts at our West Point of cybersecurity.

We’re on the Front Lines of Global Cybersecurity

A stone’s throw from Washington, D.C. in Columbia, Maryland, “The Farm” is our training ground for the foremost authorities in cyber and national security. We recruit exceptional professionals and new grads to enhance and fortify existing software, software systems, tools, and networks that analyze and protect IT infrastructures. From developing custom malware to analyzing SCADA devices and working with intrusion detection systems, interns gain practical, real-world experience. Our seasoned experts mentor and grow our cyber team.

Parsons’ cyber specialists develop breakthrough technology-based intellectual properties, including:

Camelot – A modular framework integrating all necessary capabilities for the Defensive Cyber Operations (DCO) mission throughout its lifecycle, including hunting, vulnerability assessments, incident responses, penetrating testing, and more.

CTFs – Cyber capture the flag competitions are held regularly (and have even supported the National Security Agency’s Cyber Exercises), providing competitive and engaging opportunities for participants to practice and hone their cyber skills. Players tackle network forensics, penetrating testing, reverse engineering, and more.

Cyber capture the flag competitions prepare Parsons experts for real-world attack scenarios.

After working at The Farm, specialists typically advance to top cyber projects for Parsons clients. Their mission is clear: creating a safer world.

Do you accept the challenge? Check out Parsons Cyber for information about our internships and open positions, some of which require security clearance.

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