Bridges to Prosperity

We’re bridging divides to build a better world. Parsons is partnered with Bridges to Prosperity (B2P), a nonprofit organization dedicated to building footbridges over impassible rivers so isolated communities have access to essential healthcare, education, and economic opportunities. Parsons has been supporting B2P since 2015, when we committed to being B2P’s sole country partner. In 2016, Parsons participated in its first B2P bridge-building project, sending an 11-member team to Colombia to design and construct a unique 58-meter footbridge over the La Guaya River that melded two distinct bridge designs. In 2017, Parsons sent an 11-member team to Panama to build a 47-meter footbridge over the Rio Grande River. Elie Homsi, PE, Senior Vice President of Parsons Construction Group, currently serves as the Chairman Emeritus of the Board of B2P.

Building Bridges

This summer, Parsons will again be sending an 11-member multinational team representing all business units to build a bridge for a small community in Panama. The 106-meter suspension footbridge will serve a community of about 700 residents, including 200 children, who are cut off from schools, hospitals, and government services during high river flows – typically for 9 months of the year.

Parsons Gives Back

Since our founding in 1944, we have supported educational, cultural, and civic organizations in the communities where our employees live and work. We have also sponsored various nonprofits, programs, and events.

“Parsons’ continuing involvement with Bridges to Prosperity perfectly aligns with our core values of safety, quality, integrity, diversity, innovation, and sustainability, and our corporate social responsibility principle that corporate success and social well-being are interdependent,” said Michael Johnson, Parsons Group President. “Through our Parsons Gives Back Program, we work with Bridges to Prosperity on many levels and look forward to volunteering our support for more projects like the footbridge in Panama.”

To learn how we’re delivering  a better world, visit our Parsons Gives Back Program page.

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