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BART, San Francisco, CA

Rail Transit Systems

Optimize. Innovate. Deliver.

Whether it’s conducting rail transit feasibility studies, implementing a new rail line, or expanding an existing system, Parsons provides services for the planning, design, integration, and construction of all elements of mass transit, including mainline railways, freight rail, commuter rail, high-speed rail, bus rapid transit (BRT), light rail, and urban transit.

Since 1944, we have set the standard for safe, effective, and reliable rail and transit systems around the globe. Parsons has a unique blend of expertise from working on every major transit system in North America and many of the most renowned systems overseas. We’re proud of the long-term relationships we’ve developed with our customers and the support we’ve provided in helping them achieve their strategic visions.  

Hiawatha Light Rail tracks running under an overpass

Hiawatha Light Rail - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Exponential growth in urban centers, coupled with aging infrastructure and the increasing cost of transportation solutions, means that projects often cannot progress from planning to implementation fast enough. Through our market-leading experience and expertise in innovative project delivery solutions, we help our customers navigate and fill the funding gaps through public-private partnerships, design-build-finance-operate-maintain (DBOFM), and construction management at-risk. These delivery and procurement solutions help to accelerate project schedules and often reduce long-term costs and allow for turnkey projects that can meet the needs of today by anticipating the needs of the future.

Demand for efficient and safe transit is at all-time high and intermodal connections are essential to improved mobility. Parsons is the recognized leader in communications-based train control (CBTC) in the United States. We have a unique systems integration approach that leverages new and advanced CBTC and positive train control (PTC) technology to deliver scalable solutions for improved safety, operations, and reliability—all while ensuring minimal impacts to existing systems. Our record of success is illustrated by our impressive safety record, high number of repeat customers, award-winning projects, and wealth of expertise.