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Hastings Bridge, Hastings, Minnesota

Bridge & Tunnel

Knowledge. Expertise. Resources.

As a recognized leader in bridge and tunnel design and construction, Parsons is at the forefront of connecting people and places throughout the world. By uniting form, function, economy, and sustainability through creative design, state-of-the-art technology, and high-quality construction, we have been a part of some of the world’s most exciting projects. Our bridges and tunnels are designed and built to enrich skylines and provide fast, efficient transportation over, under, or through any obstacle. Parsons continues to build a reputation for innovation by delivering cost-effective, reliable solutions, and our proven record for safety and quality is what our customers depend on.

Changing the Global Landscape

Parsons has completed more than 4,500 bridges across the globe, including complex, conventional, long-span, prestressed, post-tensioned, suspension, cable-stayed, segmental, steel, concrete, and moveable structures, providing communities with signature bridges carrying pedestrians, roads, railways, and pipelines. We are leaders in accelerated bridge design and construction and serve as the designer of choice for alternative delivery, design-build, and disaster recovery projects reconnecting, restoring, and rebuilding communities when it matters the most.

Our award-winning and signature bridges exemplify sound engineering, enhancing transportation systems worldwide, and incorporate the latest best practices for sustainability, safety, and quality. We understand the challenges our customers face and provide solutions that are aesthetically pleasing, constructible, and cost efficient. As a market leader in bridge design, Parsons offers many specialized services, including:

  • Structural health monitoring and inspection / asset management
  • Corrosion detection in suspension bridge cable wire
  • Development of weigh-in-motion systems incorporating video surveillance
  • Design, analysis, and rehabilitation of orthotropic deck systems
  • Seismic design and rehabilitation
  • Pipeline bridge design, construction, and inspection
  • Accelerated project delivery (e.g., public-private partnership, design-build, disaster recovery)
  • Construction management and inspection
  • Integration of intelligent transportation systems and tolling

Whether simple or complex, our team of bridge and tunnel professionals has the experience needed to meet current and future needs of our customers.

Tunnels, Connecting Infrastructure Across The Globe

Vimy Bridge

Sheikh Zayed Tunnel - Abu Dhabi

In addition to our bridge work, Parsons’ industry leaders deliver innovative solutions for tunnels and underground structures that address the needs of a diverse domestic and international clientele. We have delivered some of the largest, most complex tunneling and underground construction projects in the world. From planning and design, through construction management, operations and risk management, and resilience analysis, we provide a complete range of services for water, wastewater, and transportation tunnels. Our award-winning projects demonstrate Parsons’ position as an industry leader and highlights our dedication and commitment to delivering solutions for challenging projects.

We offer a host of cutting-edge tunneling techniques to minimize the risks associated with underground structures of all sizes and levels of complexity, including:

  • Top-down tunneling
  • Advanced hard rock and soft ground tunnel-boring machine (TBM) technology
  • Single-pass tunnel construction
  • Advanced tunnel waterproofing systems
  • Sequential Excavation Method (SEM)/New Austrian tunneling method (NATM)
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)
  • Immersed tube
  • Cut and cover
  • Microtunneling

Across the globe, our bridges enrich skylines and our tunnels feature leading-edge technologies that take each project to the next level. On projects modest or massive, Parsons’ Bridge and Tunnel professionals provide customers with highly qualified personnel, price-competitive and innovative strategies, and the dedication that has made us the bridge and tunnel industry leaders we are today.