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Buildings & Vertical

Parsons lowers costs and increases value

Parsons’ customers—and the communities they represent throughout the nation—benefit from the increased value we return because our designs are sustainable, constructed on time, and built to accommodate future demands.  We design, construct, and engineer facilities that are efficient because they are functional. Our cost-effective manufacturing and processing facilities, data centers, mission-critical structures, industrial plants, and public buildings incorporate innovative designs and state-of-the-art technologies for the infrastructure and systems they support.

Parsons designs, engineers, and constructs facilities that serve five areas:

  • Consumer products
  • LEED buildings
  • Manufacturing and heavy industrial
  • Mission-critical
  • Public buildings

We have completed facilities around the world, totaling billions of dollars, while saving money for our customers, increasing the value of facilities, and lowering the facilities’ impact on the environment.