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NSA Cyber Defense Exercise, Parsons Cyber Center, MD


A safer world

Parsons is a leading provider of scientific, technical, and cyber intelligence solutions to U.S. Government customers. For more than 30 years, we have worked quietly behind the scenes, delivering, protecting, and sustaining systems that are critical to our customers’ operations. We provide full-spectrum cyber solutions including systems engineering and integration, information assurance, and a wide range of cyber network operations products and services. We specialize in defensive and offensive network intelligence solutions, closed network security engineering, weapon system intelligence, and facilities design and optimization.

Our team of engineers and subject matter experts has proven experience and a history of successfully delivering cyber solutions that support our national security. Our expertise ranges from collection and processing, to specialized tools for network and information security, to cyber data center facility design and optimization. We use novel approaches in an integrated systems context to solve our nation’s most complex security issues.

Parsons’ intelligence services fall into five broad categories:

Cyber Network Operations Products and Services

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Network Intelligence Engineering

  • Reverse engineering
  • Communications and systems engineering
  • High-speed, real-time network traffic collection and processing solutions
  • Wired and wireless collection and signal processing
  • Software payload development
  • Code-based technology and tools for large-volume data analysis

Information Assurance Services

  • Defensive Cyber Operations Services
  • Information system security engineering
  • Information system certification and accreditation
  • Life-cycle support to COMSEC and encryption technologies
  • Training

Cyber Research and Development

  • Basic and applied research
  • Prototype development
  • Computer and network security
  • Cloud computing

Scientific & Technical Intelligence

  • Complex system reverse engineering
  • Weapon system technical expertise
  • Modeling and Simulation
  • Threat assessments

Mission-Critical Facilities Management, Optimization, and Reliability

  • Facilities master and area development planning
  • Design, construction management, and commissioning
  • Real property life-cycle analysis
  • Facilities IT–development and implementation
  • Construction project controls–cost estimating and scheduling

We deliver the people, process, and technology that address threats to our nation’s security and create a safer world.