Grid Armor®

Power On

Grid Armor® is a suite of predictive resilience solutions that help utilities improve operational efficiency and avoid catastrophic events. Including solutions for wildfire prevention, major storms, and cybersecurity, Grid Armor uses real-time data from disparate systems to provide predictive, simple, meaningful, and actionable information.

The Grid Armor® wildfire solution uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to convert data from weather, conductors, video, vegetation, and other sources into usable knowledge.

Utility resilience is critical to keeping the power on for the consumers and businesses who rely on it every day. This innovative suite of solutions helps utilities monitor the grid more efficiently and effectively, to help achieve the resiliency goal.

The Grid Armor® cyber solution uses Domain 6 methodology and leverages our decades of cyber expertise to provide actionable intelligence that helps protect the grid and keep the power on for customers.

Key Capabilities:

  • Data Collection: Visualize data from legacy and emerging sensors.
    • Advanced sensing including detailed 3D point cloud data, vegetation height, and density, conductor geometry, and motion, power flow, and weather.
    • Leverage existing data including KML/KMZ input, real-time weather, geospatial weather layers, EO/IR from local cameras, LIDAR data from local sensors, and drone video and imagery.
  • Data Processing: Artificial intelligence and machine learning generate alerts and metrics.
    • Combine traditional computation with genetic and predictive algorithms, and tie in third-party algorithms where needed.
  • System Management: Make targeted decisions armed with the most accurate data.
    • Enable predictive maintenance and enhance environmental maintenance for more efficient resource deployment.
  • Data Visualization and Action: A flexible user interface make manipulating data and workflows easy.
    • Web-based UI allows collaborative and disparate workflows as well as advanced searching and data tagging.

*Parsons complies with all applicable Trade Compliance regulations. Some of Parsons products may require an authorization from the U.S. Government before they are exported.

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