Virtual Operations In Cyberspace

Virtual Solutions

We have officially entered the Fourth Industrial Revolution in which data is everywhere and where individuals, organizations, and populations live and operate in a fully digital-centric world. The entire lifecycle of an operation — from idea inception to completion — can occur completely in a virtual environment with no physical elements involved in the process and only disparate data available to understand, safeguard, or exploit. This creates a challenge for the National Security Community as it grapples with transitioning cyberspace activities beyond traditional perspectives to fully-integrated intelligence and military operations in and through cyberspace. We offer industry-leading expertise and technology to enable your traditional operations to be conducted in cyberspace with our full-spectrum Virtual Solutions.

From Traditional To Cyberspace

Our expertise has pioneered virtual operations, digital identify management, and digital signature reduction with over a decade of experience leading high-priority National Security Virtual Operations. Our secure and reliable solutions allow users to navigate the internet while managing attribution, minimizing risk of platform detection, and with scaled digital identity methodologies to meet mission requirements. To keep pace with adaptive technology and evolving operational techniques, we build custom and modular Virtual Operations solutions that scale with our customers and help them fundamentally change the way they operate in the virtual world.​

Digital Identity Solutions, Assessment, and Management
Online identities are the first line of defense for Virtual Operations activities. We have more than a decade of experience in digital identify management solutions, assessment, and training.
Secure and Scalable Managed Attribution Platforms
High-speed & secure online communications are essential to any cyber activity. Our approach at managing attribution enables customers to build customer solutions to protect their online digital footprint.
Mobile Infrastructure & Applications
Mobile devices continue to dominate the digital domain and digital identities are increasingly reliant on mobile phone indicators. We deliver mission-tailored mobile infrastructure and mobile device solutions.​
Digital Identity Tools, Tradecraft and Training
Combining technology and human-activity presents opportunities for “digital breadcrumbs” that can compromise operational success. We empower our customers with classroom, scenario-based, and computer-based training modules to securely navigate the persona-layer of cyberspace. We provide expert Red Teams to validate, verify, and assess technology and tradecraft based on customer use-cases.​
Data Aggregation and Analysis
Data is everywhere — it is a critical aspect to planning, monitoring, and assessing operations. We attack our customers data problems from multiple angles — the data source, data aggregation, data availability, and data analytics.​

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