Cyber Attacks on Critical Infrastructure Demand a Defensive Response

In today’s virtual world, safeguarding your sensitive information and critical infrastructure systems is as important as protecting your home. Whether for economic gain or counterintelligence, attacks on critical infrastructure by nation-state, mercenary, and criminal advanced persistent threats (APTs) compromise virtually everybody’s security.

In Next Generation Defenses for a Hyper Evolving Threat Landscape: An Anthology of ICIT Fellow Essays Volume I, Jack Oden, Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT) contributor and Parsons Principal Project Manager, Industrial Control Systems Cybersecurity, contributes to the discussion on cybersecurity for public and private organizations.

Once inside the corporate network, a bad actor can easily obtain access as a general user and then leverage un-patched operating systems and application software to gain increased access, as a system administrator. With this access, the bad actor has free reign to copy and exfiltrate files, and, in the case of critical infrastructure, identify controllers and the systems they monitor and control,” according to Oden. “Organizations operating critical systems must plan and prepare to respond to Industrial Control Systems (ICS) cyber incidents, whether caused by unintentional actions by insiders, or malicious actions by industrial spies, hacktivists, or nation-state attacks.”

Parsons, a digitally enabled solutions provider, and its critical infrastructure experts stand at the forefront of cybersecurity. By exposing system and network vulnerabilities, highlighting cybersecurity technologies, and offering advice to chief information and chief information security officers, Oden’s insights in Next Generation Defenses for a Hyper Evolving Threat Landscape are essential to securing critical infrastructure.

Jack Oden

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